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PRESS RELEASE - March 13, 2008


(San Francisco, CA 03-13-08)- Members from throughout California will drive and fly to San Francisco for the non profit PROTECT AND DEFEND on March 29 2008 from 3:00PM to 7:00PM. The event is being hosted by Lonestar Bar (1354 Harrison Street -- San Francisco California 94103). We invite everyone to come out and join us for this fun entertaining beer bust, the cost is $9.00. Protect and Defend is a non profit gay and lesbian support group which consists of law enforcement, firefighters, public safety and military personnel.

The Lonestar event will feature over 50 prizes being raffled off throughout the event, social games and many giveaways including cops and fireman memorabilia. Gay Cops and Firefighters will also be on hand at the Protect and Defend "Police Station" promoting the organization, answering questions and working to recruit potential members and volunteers.

Cops, Firefighters, EMS workers, doctors and all military personnel who are gay or lesbian in Northern California are asked to join the Protect and Defend staff as they reach out to Northern California, the first event of its kind in San Francisco. Protect and Defend hosts the International Police, Fire and Military Private party each summer in Palm Springs called "Party In The Desert".

Protect and Defend Members from throughout California will be traveling to the event to help out and network with the gay and lesbian community in Northern California in an effort to start a partnership with our "brothers and sisters" in the public safety, military professions in Northern California The group hosts events in cities throughout California and donates to non profit gay and lesbian charities. Protect and Defend has a legal team that provides support to its members, has special scholarships and hosts social events as well as peer support for its membership.

For more details or questions, contact us via 24 hour voice mail at (213) 403 0405 and please check out our detailed website at www.protectanddefend.org!


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