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Clover Welsh at 917 902-2394 or Clover@underthepinkcarpet.tv


The PBS television series Under the Pink Carpet continues its groundbreaking run in gay news programming by reporting on aspects of queer culture that lie on the outer fringes of social acceptance.

Take gay porn, for example.

Under the Pink Carpet's producers contend that pornography is a real and vital component of gay culture. Certainly a valid part of the entertainment spectrum that includes theatre, music, sports, nightlife, and "legitimate” film. Porn stars, Under the Pink Carpet's producers insist, are afforded the rarefied status of icons and celebrities in gay subculture.

"Walk into the most exclusive gay party with a porn star on your arm, and suddenly you're the "it” girl,” states Under the Pink Carpet's gender-bending news reporter Clover Honey. "Arrive with a Nobel Prize winner, and prepare for him to be ignored.”

Under the Pink Carpet's producer and lead correspondent Tony Sawicki maintains that gay media should not attempt to mirror or emulate straight culture, but should instead find its own identity. To that end, Sawicki opts to include coverage of relevant gay porn-related events alongside more traditional entertainment news fare.

"It's deliciously taboo, and makes for fantastic eye candy,” he says with a smile. "Obviously you won't see any actual porn on Under the Pink Carpet, but you'll meet the stars -- the movers and shakers in the industry. And if we can help it, they'll be shirtless.” Sawicki further insists that the reports are sexy without being sleazy.

If the sheer number of downloads alone are any indication, the program's progressive news coverage is a tremendous success with audiences. A report called "The Prince of Gay Porn,” which focused on mega producer and screen icon Michael Lucas, attracts tens of thousands of viewers every month on YouTube -- LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLha8iT8k1c (or just go to YouTube.com and search "Prince of Gay Porn”).

The most recent episode of Under the Pink Carpet will include a report about the Gay Erotic Expo in New York, and features interviews with porn icons and internet sex stars. The report is already streaming on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB2AuBUZTms (or just go to YouTube.com and search "Gay Erotic Expo”).

Like all other topics covered on Under the Pink Carpet, producers say that porn related material is presented with taste, humor, and intelligence. "It's probably the only show on television where you'll see interviews with Academy Award nominees and porn stars on the same series.” Stephanie Butler is Under the Pink Carpet's field producer and "fag hag” reporter. She is also an attorney. "We're part of the gay subculture. It would be pretty hypocritical of us to exclude coverage of porn related issues based on prejudicial judgements.”

Under the Pink Carpet has best been described as the alternative TV version of "Entertainment Tonight" hybridized with "The Daily Show." Fast paced and informative, the program features coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender (LGBT) influenced music, theatre, film, television, and nightlife. The program airs on PBS in Philadelphia and Denver, on local cable television in New York City, and nationally in Canada and Australia. The show is also podcast on itunes and Blubrry.com., and select reports stream on YouTube.com to an audience of 60,000 plus viewers per month. For more information, visit www.UnderThePinkCarpet.tv

Attached Photos:

#1. Porn icon Diesel Washington speaks candidly with Under the Pink Carpet correspondent Clover Honey.

Diesel Washington

#2. At this year's Gay Erotic Expo in New York City, porn star Rafael Alencar is interviewed for an Under the Pink Carpet news report.

Rafael Alencar

#3. One of the stars of AmateurStraightGuys.com is interviewed by Under the Pink Carpet for a news report about this year's Gay Erotic Expo in New York City.


#4. The Cast of Under the Pink Carpet, from left to right: Lesbian Affairs Correspondent Robin Cloud, "Fag Hag" Reporter Stephanie Butler, Lead Correspondent/Series Creator Tony Sawicki, Gender Bending Drag Correspondent, Clover Honey.

Cast of Under the Pink Carpet

For Additional Information Contact:
Clover Welsh at 917 902-2394 or Clover@underthepinkcarpet.tv


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