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Contact Person: Diana Good
Company Name: Dianivy Promotions
Telephone Number: (505) 869-2994 or (505) 507-6532
Email Address: booking@dianivy.com
Web site address: www.dianivy.com
Mailing address: 11 North Park Lane, Peralta, NM 87042

An Estrogen Affair - Albuquerque's Only Women's Open Mic.

myspace page: abqopenmic4women.

Albuquerque, NM; February 5, 2008 -- Dianivy and Cassandra Tribe host Albuquerque's only Women's Open Mic at Exhale Bar and Grille 6132 4th NW every Sunday 5-7pm. Designed to be a community-building event, An Estrogen Affair is intended to provide a female-centered format for all kinds of women to share who they really are with a supportive audience inclusive of men, of course. Performers in all creative modalities are welcome, from instrumentalist, spoken word artists, singer/songwriters, dancers, storytellers, thespians, and vocalists. . Performers or audience members under 21yrs. must be accompanied by a legal guardian. This is a free event open to the public.

The venue, Exhale Bar and Grille, is explicitly welcoming of gay, lesbian and transgendered folks and the event hosts are committed to including all those that live a woman's life. The whole point is to encourage the community to come out - pun very much intended - and share their hearts in whatever expression they are most comfortable. Dianivy's first impression of the classy yet relaxed environment at Exhale was that of sincere joy that there was such a down to Earth place where those who are marginalized elsewhere could celebrate the whole of their lives. When asked to host a new open mic slot, she jumped at the chance to help encourage the creativity of her sisters. A few weeks later, Dianivy characteristically bounced up to the angular but friendly presence that is Cassandra Tribe and struck co-host gold. The rest of the story will change each week as the door is open and the search for precious gems is continuous.

Dianivy is a singer/songwriter who delivers sensually playful content that surges through just as playful music. Since she genre hops from blues to rock to country to pop to jazz and back home again to folk, she calls her style Goddess Rock or Femme Folk depending on the phase of the moon (or more accurately, if she has a band behind her or not). She draws inspiration from the people who present themselves to her life and weaves her easy melodies around relationship terrain that's just plain honest.

When pressed to select a representative lyric of her material, Dianivy smiles and quotes from Garden Girl;

Oh she's brazen and shy at the same time
No, she's not as dirty as you might think
So her carrots come out clean and shiny
Go and be prepared to say a "yes"

More juicy information, including a live concert recorded at Future Studios in Sedona Arizona, is available at www.dianivy.com.

Spoken Word Artist, Cassandra Tribe, a longtime presence in Europe and Asia, has gained recent exposure in the US with her inclusion in a national Women Artists Showcase alongside Bonnie Raitt and the Indigo Girls and distribution through Walmart.com. Called the "architect of the soul" since the release of her first cd in 2001, her subsequent cds, videos and writings have continued to garner her critical acclaim both here and abroad. Based in the Duke City, her open mic work is an "unplugged" version of her recorded material. Raw, energetic and a powerful live presence, Tribe brings the hidden language of our souls out into the open. Visit her site loveandwords.com) to find out more.

(excerpt from "little book")

"If you were to imagine,
Your body
Covered not with skin,
But words,
What story would they tell?
And would I have to close
My eyes
And read you with my hands?"



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