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For Immediate Release
Contact: Jennifer Rossow


MermaidsInTheSack.net Gives Up
To 20% Sales To Affiliates: Join Now

Lansing, MI, 01-24-08-- MermaidsInTheSack.net, a lesbian-owned and operated adult toy store is to announce its new Affiliate Program that will offer instant savings to members. The Affiliate Program works similar to many programs currently available on the Internet and is absolutely free. After new members register on the site, they will be able to make 10-20% commissions just by referring their friends and colleagues to the site when they place an order. New affiliates start at the 10% commission tier, which is 10% of an order's net total sale. Members then graduate to higher tiers, up to 20% of net sales.

"We would like to expand our LGBT community team and are thrilled about the interest in our site," said Jennifer Rossow, CEO, Owner, and developer of the Exclusive Silicone Mermaid Dildo. "We first started out with an idea to just make a more feminine dildo. We never expected to become a major contender in the novelty business."

Mermaids logo/artwork The program is simple to join and an enjoyable way to earn extra money. After registering, a member will get exclusive access to the members' area, in which s/he receives an unique affiliate code that can be used to promote MermaidsInTheSack.net. This code will then be used to track each referral made by the member and credit her/him with the commissions.

"Now is the time to share our sales," says Rossow. "Our goal is to give back to our community and create a large social space for LGBT individuals.

Mermaids In the Sack runs a clean site without the presence of visible nudity, profanity, or pornography. The web store has been in business for four years and has doubled its sales and size within that period. The site, while having a feminine theme and large lesbian clientele, provides many products for gay and straight men as well. The site also offers some of the most competitive prices on the net.

For further information on the Mermaids In The Sack Affiliate Program, email mermaids@MermaidsInTheSack.net or visit the website at www.MermaidsintheSack.net.



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