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Gay Catholics wonder why Anti Gay Catholics are getting so twisted over John McCain's endorsement

(03-02-08- Chicago RSM News)- GOP presidential candidate John McCain picked up the endorsement Wednesday of San Antonio pastor John Hagee, who said at a news conference that he was giving his "vigorous, enthusiastic and personal support to an American hero."

Following the announcement far right Catholic League President Bill Donohue criticized the endorsement because he believes Hagee has "waged an unrelenting war against the Catholic Church."

This is what you get when you mix politics with religion. The "in religious" crowd is fearful of losing its political connections in the White House. Or more specifically who has the right to speak for all Christians within the Republican Party, and therefore the country.

So what is really happening? Is it about anti Catholic Bigotry as the Catholic League argues, or is it about a political endorsement? Neither, Catholic League President Bill Donohue or John Hagee are the brightest crayon in the box. It is all about ego. When two bigots point fingers at each other for being bigoted we have a curious situation. Both are anti Gay and would not take issue with rounding us all up for the final solution.

Clearly this is not about religion, but about politics, and bigots trying to grab the media spot light. If the Catholic League was so concerned about anti Catholic bigotry why did they not raise this issue when John Hagen supported President Bush for his second term? Both individuals and their organizations promote their ideas with the catnip of bigotry. So why is the Catholic League so twisted over this? It is simple they will not be part of the in crowd if John McCain wins the election. Out with old in with the new.

The Catholic League should be worrying about our clergy sexual abuse scandal, and keep its paws out of politics. This is the season of lent where truth should be promoted, unfortunately truth has become a casualty and half-truths the norm in this Lenten and political season.

Further more, John McCain does have to account for his clear anti Christian message that is pro war. John Hagen clearly supports a first strike on Iran, and McCain would appear to be following in the same old, same old Bush mentality of start the bombing without thinking. This election is clearly about war and peace, not anti Catholic bigotry.

The question that needs to be answered by people of faith is will the next President be a religious leader, or a political leader. Or, is it the place of the President to promote either a Catholic agenda or a Protestant agenda by prioritizing abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, and unconditional support for Israel above all other political issues. Clearly the agenda needs to serve the needs of all Americans, and not just religious zealots who promote hell and brimstone in the political arena. Letís start focusing on poverty in this country.

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls on all people of good will to promote love, and not bigotry, or the money-centered word of faith theology that is promoted by John Hagee, which the Republican Party seemingly has embraced under John McCain.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site at www.rainbowsashmovement.com.


Contact Person:

Joe Murray
US Convener
Rainbow Sash Movement


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