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Dottie Travel & Tours, a Chicago-based tour company, proudly presents its First Annual 'Ride with Zulu! Mardi Gras 2008 Group Tour' to New Orleans, February 3-7, 2008. This year you can experience 'Super Bowl Game Fever' in New Orleans and enjoy Mardi Gras, too! The company has designed a Mardi Gras 2008 Group Tour Promotion to New Orleans, Louisiana with 'safety nets' built in. There's 'safety in numbers', especially, when a group is merging into a city that has a 24-hour night life like New Orleans. Many times when people travel to new destinations that offer the kind of excitement New Orleans has, they tend to let their personal guard down, so that they can have fun. Dottie Travel & Tours is aware of this. So, they have made sure that safety and security is a 'must have' feature in all of their Mardi Gras 2008 tour packages. This means choosing hotels and activities in walking distance of all of the Mardi Gras weekend fun and selecting 4-stars hotels on the official Mardi Gras parade route, making it convenient to stop for a rest or being near your own private bathroom in the hotel! (A must have! You'll see! )

Mardi Gras poster In celebration of the City's firm commitment to 'make you fall in love with New Orleans all over, again!' the tour company has created unique tour packages for 500 special people who want to enjoy Mardi Gras 2008 like the 'natives' do! Each tour package includes a 2 hour riverboat cruise on the mighty Mississippi River, complete with live jazz music and New Orleans cuisine on the Steamboat Natchez and an invitation to the 'Lundi Gras Music Festival' located at the foot of Canal Street and the river front on Mardi Gras Eve; hosted by the prestigious Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club! This music festival event will feature local and renowned world entertainers performing on two main stages outside! In addition, everyone in the group will also experience a nostalgic one hour horse and buggy ride through the historic French Quarters and dinner at the world famous Court of Two Sisters Restaurant on Bourbon Street! You can choose airfare & land tour packages starting at $1385 or purchase the land package, only, which includes all planned Mardi Gras activities. If you are driving to New Orleans, hotel parking is included in all land packages. The activities within the tour packages are reserved for the group and are pre-paid by the tour company. All a person has to do is: GO to the planned Mardi Gras activities. 'Memorable' fun is guaranteed!

Each tour package hotel is located on the official Mardi Gras Day Parade Route. This means that ALL of the Mardi Gras Day Parades will pass 'in front' of the selected hotels. You won't get lost looking for the next parade! The official promotion hotel headquarters will be the luxurious Marriott on Canal Street with its 'back door' to the French Quarters! You will be able to see all of the parades from Canal Street and be in walking distance to the nightlife in the famous French Quarters!

The Staybridge Suite Hotel has been selected as the luxury hotel for triple and/or quad occupancy choices or for adults traveling with children. Children 17 and under stay and eat free. The studio suites are larger than regular hotel rooms and have full kitchens to accommodate children and store that delicious food brought home from the many restaurants in the area. Children, also, travel free on all scheduled activities, such as, the riverboat cruise, horse & buggy ride and dinner at the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant! Airfare for children is not included in airfare & land tour packages and must be purchased, separately.

For the 'Elite' Mardi Gras traveler, the tour company has selected the Hilton New Orleans on St. Charles Avenue. This Hilton property is considered to be an intimate 'boutique' style hotel with special features; such as 'Private Reviewing Stand' seating on Mardi Gras Day! This means that you have a reserved seat in a private reviewing stand owned by the hotel, away from the crowds jumping all over you! All of the floats and bands STOP in front of the reviewing stand to entertain you and throw loads of beads and other Mardi Gras stuff to you. In other words, you are treated like 'Royalty' because you are in a private reviewing stand! This tour package is called the 'Ultimate' Tour package for the 'Ultimate' Mardi Gras Experience.\!

Last, but, not least, Dottie Travel & Tours, can, for the first time, cordially invite 100 prospective Float Riders to 'Ride with Zulu!' on Mardi Gras Day! This means riding in full costume and make-up on a Mardi Gras Float on Mardi Gras Day and throwing lots of beads, coconuts & things to thousands of parade revelers from all over the world on the parade route! Float riders will be staying at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel located on the banks of the Mississippi River! This luxury hotel is the official headquarters for all of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club activities such as the'Lundi Mundi' Music Festival on Mardi Gras Eve. In addition, the Zulu Parade entourage will be staying at this hotel!

The float riders put on their costume and full makeup or mask, have Mardi Gras Day breakfast together, and depart together enroute to the Superdome in order to board the Mardi Gras Floats for the Zulu Parade.

Remember, the Zulu Parade STARTS Mardi Gras Day! This is 'pure' fun! The locals know that to 'Ride with Zulu' in the Zulu Parade is a 'coveted' honor, along with the 'coveted' coconut 'throw' and the special theme beads to be thrown on Mardi Gras Day! All interested parties should contact www.dottietravel.com/ridewithzulu.com

As an extra promotion boost, Dottie Travel & Tours will be launching their 'Ride with Zulu! Mardi Gras 2008' radio promotion with www.smoothjazz.com, the global home for the smoothest jazz, live from Monterey Bay, streaming on the world wide web, starting on January 3, 2008! Go to www.dottietravel.com to sign up for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Mardi Gras 2008 in New Orleans, February 3-7, 2008! Get 11 fun loving friends together and you travel FREE! This includes airfare and double occupancy land package www.dottietravel.com/groupsarewelcomed.html

The tour company has carefully organized these tour packages, enabling everyone to, always, be in the 'right' place at the 'right' time'! All deposits and payments are processed through the privacy of Paypal on the internet. Payments are protected and guaranteed through Paypal, as well. Membership is not required in order to use their service. In addition, trip cancellation insurance through AIG Insurance is included within every tour package for unforeseen emergencies, like a snowstorm! Dottie Travel & Tours boasts that you can enjoy Mardi Gras with them, because they know where To Go, know what To Do and where To Be on Mardi Gras Day! Happy Mardi Gras! For more information, to set up a group or to make reservations for Ride with Zulu! Mardi Gras 2008, contact Debby Cosby, VP Tour Promotions @ 1-888-239-3232 or go to www.dottietravel.com Airline/Train/Car Rental info: http://dottietravel.globaltravel.com


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