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New Film Las Dos Caras de Jano, Starring Modesto LacÚn Tackles Gay Murder, Mystery and Martinis

New York, NY March 7, 2008- Las Dos Caras de Jano (The Two Faces of Janus) is the story of Isabelo And˙jar (LacÚn), a private detective on a mission to catch serial killer "The Angel of Bachelors" who preys on Puerto Rico's closeted homosexual male socialites. The second in a series of books written by author, Wilfredo Mattos-Cintron brought to the big screen, the film bodly address the issue of closeted homosexuality within communities that force gays to hide their true identites. Filled with murder, mystery and intrigue, Las Dos Caras de Janos captivatingly ventures into the gay issues.

A familiar face in Hispanic television and film such as My Family and Desamores to major motion pictures The Animal (with Terrence Howard) and Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, Modesto is assuredly staking his claim to the title of Puerto Rico's and America's crossover "multi-threat" source of talent. Modesto's talent has been dully noted and recognized with Special Mention at the Tribeca Film Festival for his work in 12 Hours and an ACE Award nomination for Best Actor in his current off-Broadway lead in Celia: the Life and Music of Celia Cruz. He plays the role of Celia's husband, Pedro Knight.

To view the trailer, please visit www.youtube.com/user/EdmundoHR. Double XXposure has arranged a special viewing of the movie in its entirety just for you at our New York City office located at 1 West 34th Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10001. The screening dates are April 17th and April 18th from 12-6pm on both days. It will be shown every two hours. We request that you please call the Double XXposure offices to rsvp your preferred time for viewing.

This film is also scheduled for entry into HBO's New York International Latino Film Festival which will take place in New York City, July 2008.

Double XXposure Media Relations extends an invitation to all media interested in interviewing Modesto LacÚn regarding his career and current film festival feature and appearance. For further information, contact Double XXposure Media Relations at 212.629.9404 or theellerbeegroup@aol.com.



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