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"Cross/Cultural Lesbian Bollywood Film - WHEN KIRAN MET KAREN"

THEY told THEM not to work or invest in this film. (2006)
THEY told US not to make this film. (2007)
THEY will tell YOU it's about "Forbidden Love". (2008)

The much anticipated drama, When Kiran Met Karen, ("WKMK") has concluded filming and has entered the post production phase. Produced and Directed by Manan Singh Katohora, the English language film explores the controversial theme of lesbianism, encapsulated by the canvas of South Asian conservatism, lifestyle and existence. It is the story of rising Bollywood star Kiran Lohar, who discovers more about herself than she ever expected after encountering lesbian journalist Karen Sorens.

"It is absolutely amazing how this movie has come together after two years of hard work and perseverance, " said Manan Singh Katohora, Director of the film, "I'm thrilled that we were able to put together such a talented cast and crew, and create a quality film. I'm just disappointed that there are not enough movies out there that showcase the honest exploration of a female's sexuality."

Karin mets Karen WKMK stars Samrat Chakrabarti, Chriselle Almeida and Kelli Dawn Holsopple. Members of the distinguished crew include Emmy Award Nominated Producer Tirlok Malik, Award Winning Cinematographer Faroukh Mistry, Internationally Acclaimed Award Winning Art Director Tushar Unadkat, Acclaimed Sound Engineer Matt Thomas and Executive Producer Iggy Mano.

Shetal Shah won the 'Best Actress' MTV Asia Award http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2269206/awards for Katohora's first film 'ARYA'. Manan's next is an ambitious cross-cultural comedy BOLLYWOOD BLUES http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0991146/plotsummary -- budget 1 Million dollars.

Filming for WKMK - officially began in New York on October 21 with a film shoot premiere event and went into full production mode on December 1. Many of the New York City area's finest locations were made available for various scenes. These locations included upscale Leela Lounge, the renowned Terrace on the Park, Vikram Chatwal's couture inspired Dream Hotel. Filming was completed on December 25.

The promotional teaser can be seen on the following websites:


WRITERS Manan Katohora, S. Dwaipayan and Sumita Sheth

Co Producers - Punit Chabra, Iggy and Mano
Shannon Abel, Samrat Chakrabarti, Chriselle Almeida, Kelli Dawn Holsopple, Manish Dayal, Tirlok Malik, Sonny Suri, Shetal Shah, Sandi Higgins, Pauline Tautu, Meetu Chilana And Tushar Unadkat

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