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(Los Angeles, CA, 05/08/08)-- Novelist Michael Holloway Perronne has courted controversy in the past by speaking out against a book banning Alabama state senator and in his writing by confronting Hollywood's still prevalent closet and also ageism in the gay community. However, Perronne considers his new novel, Embrace the Rain, which explores post-Hurricane Katrina life in a small coastal Mississippi town to be his most personal work yet.

“Almost three years later the area is very much in recovery,” Perronne, a coastal Mississippi native, says. “As much as I love, and will always love the city of New Orleans, the complete and utter devastation of many coastal Mississippi towns was virtually ignored by the national media. It's one of the reasons that I felt compelled to tell the story of the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the forgotten survivors of the storm.”

Perronne himself felt compelled to leave his home in Los Angeles to move back to the area last summer to spend some time with his family. “Literally days went by when I didn't know how members of my family were doing and if they had even survived. All phones were out and none of my family had access to the internet. All I could do was watch the news coverage, which mostly focused on New Orleans, to get some sort of sense of what the situation was down there.” It's a story that's somewhat paralleled by the character, Sean, in Embrace the Rain. “Sean is a gay Mississippi native now living a very open life in San Francisco. After the storm, he's drawn back to the area and is forced to confront issues he's run away from for many years. Ultimately, it's a story about how great tragedy can sometimes lead to bright new beginnings.”

In Embrace the Rain, a forbidden teen romance and the violent act of a desperate boy forever binds a community. One year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the small coastal town of Long Beach, Mississippi, two families with deep roots in its Southern traditions are desperately trying to rebuild the way of life they have always known. But some, including the Mexican-American Santos family, are bringing a large dose of previously all-but-unknown cultures to this insular community. While one young man, a gay prodigal son now living in San Francisco, finds himself drawn back to the very area and culture he fought so hard to leave behind. In this emotionally charged novel, three families struggle to find the beauty that can arise from the worst of nightmares.

Michael Holloway Perronne's debut novel, A Time Before Me, won the Bronze Award in Gay & Lesbian Literature in Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award in 2006. His other works include Starstuck: A Hollywood Saga and Falling Into Me. Originally from the South Mississippi and New Orleans area, Michael now calls Los Angeles home and is hard at work on his next novel, A Big Easy Christmas. For more information on Embrace the Rain, please visit the book's website at www.embracetherainnovel.com.

Embrace the Rain ISBN-13: 978-0981718613, ISBN-10: 0981718612 Publication Date: April 2008, Retail Price: $13.95, Publisher: Chances Press

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