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Indie Artist James Roy reaches out with "Rise Above"

MARCH 26, 2008 (DENVER, CO) -- James Roy, a self expressed gay vocalist, is reaching out to the nation with his unifying song, "Rise Above". DJ Times Magazine has placed James in the March Top 40 National Dance / Crossover Chart, a rating which happened only one week after his music video premiered on MTV's Logo network. "I'm thrilled people are getting the message and that it's spreading nationwide", said James. Logoonline.com describes the song as a "dance-worthy, eye-opening single [that] takes on discrimination and prejudice".

"Rise Above" was written at his home in Denver, CO and recorded in his bedroom closet. Besides getting away from the noisy streets outside and getting better acoustics, James admits to being "a little shy about my neighbours hearing me". The song was a reaction to state-level marriage amendments that began hitting the ballots in November of 2004.

On his website, James writes, "Instead of fighting back, try a much larger perspective. Should we fight over our differences, or appreciate our diversity?" The music video, which includes scenes of religious protesters and a same-sex wedding, was filmed in and around Raleigh, North Carolina in 2005 and first released on his label, Blue Disco Records, Ltd., the following year. After building a local following, he teamed up with ISV Entertainment to release a special CD single entitled "Rise Above - The Remixes", that features brand new versions by international superstar producer Freeloader, and Canada's own rising stars Radikal DJ's.

With the continued support and guidance of ISV Entertainment, together they plan to further his career well beyond his local following and hope to showcase his talents on a much broader, worldwide scale. In November of 2007, James took his message into the community by leading a group of LGBT people to Focus on the Family . Along with copies of his music video, he provided a personal letter to Dr. James Dobson that touched upon his own commitment to being a positive impact in the lives of others. "I think it benefits us to reflect on what we have in common".

James founded Blue Disco Records in August of 2004 and transitioned his business into a LLC in May 2006. The idea of producing his own music became a reality during the Denver blizzard of 2003, when the city shut down for three days and he wrote his first lyrics. Since then, he has released two albums, one single, one EP, and a video, all of which are available online and in select music stores. His music inspires and encourages people to go beyond what is expected to create extraordinary realities. James strives to "keep pushing through the highs and lows" in order to build his dream one step at a time. His story and music can found on his website, www.jamesroymusic.com.

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