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ImGay.TV Challenges Clinton Campaign Workers

Des Moines, Iowa -- Day one into covering the Iowa Caucus, and staff reporters from ImGay.tv, the new all gay internet medium akin to YouTube, find out just what it means to be snubbed from a presidential campaign.

"I'm really disappointed," report Michael Freincle on his vlog, a video blog. "She has supporters who don't support all Americans, and yet Hillary's trying to govern all Americans." Freincle is one of seven staff reporters with ImGay.tv covering the Iowa Caucus in Des Moines.

Cate Colgan, internet entrepreneur from Clearwater, Florida launched ImGay.TV in the summer of 2007. With a slogan of "Where you don't have to try out, you just have to be out", the internet service offers free membership, and a place for anyone and everyone to post video, vlogs and all things gay. Colgan decided to take a team to Iowa to cover the Caucus in mid-December.

"As far as we know, we're the only gay medium that can do this kind of coverage" Colgan says during a phone interview from the Des Moines Convention Center. "We do the interviews, videos or vlogs and post them that day. You don't have to wait for the paper or the evening news, and we're covering what's important to the GLBT community."

But getting campaign workers to talk has been a challenge, especially in some camps. "We really didn't expect this from the Hillary campaign" says Colgan. Freincle and Dayna Firth are two college students volunteering to cover the caucus with ImGay.TV over Christmas break. A quick view of their initial vlogs reveals the struggles the duo are finding, "The crowd is kind of looking at us like we're not really supposed to be there" notes Firth in her December 31st vlog.

Firth, a straight woman and President of her college's Pride and Democratic Student Group jumped at the opportunity to go to the caucus. "It's kind of concerning to me, that we weren't turned down by anyone at the Obama campaign," continues Firth "But then coming here to see Bill Clinton, there were many more people who didn't want to see us here."

"We want all of their reactions, and we're seeking out every candidate's campaign" says Colgan. In one day, the team has covered the camps of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson.

ImGay.TV is accepting questions from registered members. "We're also open to anyone posting videos or vlogs! Just remember, it's where you don't have to try out, you just have to be out!" says Colgan.

Register online at www.ImGay.TV. To contact Cate Colgan, 727-599-9787.


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