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End GLSEN's "That's so Gay" Campaign says national columnist

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October 23, 2006-- Columnist, author and TV personality Mike Alvear launches new blog by criticizing GLSEN's campaign to stop teens from saying, "That's so gay."

Author Mike Alvear "Discourage them from saying incendiary words like Faggot or Dyke, not banning some kitschy phrase. If you want to stop a fire, douse the matches, not the pin lights."

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Mike Alvear, the co-host of HBO's The Sex Inspectors and columnist for Manhunt.net launched his new blog by calling for an end to the The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's just-launched campaign to stop teens from saying the phrase, "That's so gay."

The campaign uses Hillary Duff and Wanda Sykes to discourage anti-gay language after the latest student climate report showed nearly 90% of gay middle and high school students reported being harassed.

"I think it's noble to discourage language that sets up an environment for harassment or violence," said the author in his blog, mikealvear.com. But as somebody who's been attacked on the street by a bunch of homophobes, I promise you, when they swung their bats and tire irons they weren't yelling, "That's so gay!"

…Please go to www.mikealvear.com to see:

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