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New GLBT publisher hopes to conclude capital campaign and "get down to business"

The Gay Publishing Company is back in the news as it wraps up an online capital campaign with Fundable.com and CrowdFunder USA--two Web 2.0 fundraising sites. "With the successful completion of this current capital campaign, The Gay Publishing Company can finish with our legal review and get down to business with online publication by the end of summer."

Orlando, FL; June 12, 2008: Yes, its been a long time coming, and many of you who have invested in and supported The Gay Publishing Company since last September might feel ignored and disappointed--but the truth is, we have been working behind the scenes to get off the ground, and we are finally close to beginning online publication!

In fact, The Gay Publishing Company has just started what we hope is the fund-raising campaign that will put us over the top. And, as proof that we plan to bring a novel approach to GLBT publishing, we are using some of the latest Web 2.0 techniques in running this campaign.

"Over the winter and spring, weve been accumulating submissions--at least three or four a week--so we have a very good stockpile of material on hand, just waiting to be edited, revised, and published." Thats according to editor and founder Stephen Evans.

"Weve received dramatic scripts, cookbook manuscripts, novels and short stories, memoirs--a perfect and well-rounded collection. Weve even picked up some new illustrators over the past few weeks."

When asked why the start-up process has taken so long, Evans has a simple explanation: "I was just over-optimistic with the schedule!" In particular, he continues, getting the legal framework in place to protect authors has taken longer than expected. "We dont want to take advantage of our authors, so weve worked with a team that includes published and aspiring authors to create a rather liberal, author-friendly contract that encourages a continuing, engaged relationship between us--the publisher--and the author."

"Fortunately, now, practically everything is in place. With the successful completion of this current capital campaign, The Gay Publishing Company can finish with our legal review and get down to business with online publication by the end of summer."

The current campaign takes advantage of two Web 2.0 fund-raising Web sites that were recently promoted by the community news blog Spot.US: Fundable.com and CrowdFunder USA. "What Kiva.org has done for charitable philanthropy, these two sites have done for community action organizations," Evans says.

To make a contribution to The Gay Publishing Company, visit www.CrowdFunder.com and choose "glbt" or "books" from the Popular Tags & Keywords cloud halfway down the page; or visit www.fundable.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter "glbt" as your search term (be forewarned that Fundable.com is sometimes a slow-loading site for some reason).

----https://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-06-11.6528647999 ----http://crowdfunder.com/posting/view/409

Contributors who pledge $50 before July 4, 2008, have the option of receiving a one-year "charter" subscription to the online and print publications of The Gay Publishing Company. "By the way," Evans concludes, "if anyone wishes to become a more indepth investor in the company, I hope they contact theGayEditor directly. I would be delighted to discuss private stock opportunities and possible naming rights for awards, prizes, or scholarships and even potential imprints."

For additional information on The Gay Publishing Company and its efforts, visit the Web site at www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com, where subscription and submission information along with detailed contact information are all available.

About The Gay Publishing Company:
The Gay Publishing Company is a subscription-supported site for readers of gay-, lesbian-, bisexual-, and transgender-themed leisure-intended literary materials and the writers of such material. For subscription and submission information, visit the Web site at http://www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com or the company blog at http://www.theGayEditorsBlog.com

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