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Author: Fundi
Book premier: Moving On The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary.
Publisher: AuthorHouse.com
Price: AuthorHouse $24.95
Channel (bookstores and online retailer's) $29.95
Unlimited free review copies to media outlets upon their request.
Due: Now Available

Bay Area resident and native San Diegan Fundi announces the premier of his "self illustrated" 1st book of poetry: Moving On The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary.

AuthorHouse.com is the publisher.

As a highly anticipated venture this book displays one man's poetic journey through the emotionally chaotic trials linked inextricably to America's "so-called" cultural paradise--an Eden paradoxically filled with tempestuous social worlds. The central visionary theme, rising from the stage of vibrant African-American culture, is enriched with a Buddhist philosophy perspective that challenges the rigidly adhered to colonial religious Christian centric protocols flooding the day. Add the inevitable reality of finally and painfully "coming to terms" with an undeniable homoerotic reality and the potentials of a volatile arena have truly been set.

Fundi Navigating through and beyond the "high volatility," a dynamic which ironically reflects the defensive "ire" raised so often within each of the author's related but seemingly politically opposed camps, sets a daunting task: To salvage, maintain and still fully realize the joys that fuel the richness found within struggling life and challenged love.

A gifted writer, illustrator, vocalist and performance artist with an impassioned background as an educator, Fundi utilizes multifaceted dynamics to illuminate key aspects of often neglected, misunderstood human experiences. Fifteen fine pen and ink drawings also give magical accentuation to a compelling text.

The foreword is written by pioneer Bay Area political and social resource groundbreaker Tom Nolan.

Moving On The Road To A Man-Song Sanctuary, is available through AuthorHouse.com and can be ordered at over 25,000 book stores through the Ingram Books Database, as well as online at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Borders.com, Booksamillion.com, Target.com, etc...availability on bookstore shelves will come shortly.

This book is a "must read" and is the perfect "literary item" as a gift. For a sneak preview visit the website of: AuthorHouse.com, access the book store link and search the book's title. Fundi Fundi


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