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Linda Gray Murphy
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March 20, 2008 Oklahoma City, OK-- Today the Equal Rights Project in Oklahoma released the full text of the rant by Representative Sally Kern of Oklahoma City. In the rant Sally Kern calls homosexuality a bigger threat to America than terrorism. Kern seems to believe that she has a copy of the Gay Agenda and it is very scary stuff.

Kern states "I think we’ve been suckered by the lie of separation of church and state." Evidently, it is not convenient for Kern to remove her religious views from lawmaking.

Kern goes on to state that we are not all equal. She says "You know, we have this dumb idea now days, that tolerance means that everything is equal. Well, everything is not equal." So much for tolerance from this God fearing woman who pushes legislation that assures Oklahomans will not be getting equal treatment under the law. And, she has clearly stated that we are not entitled to equal rights unless we are part of her religion. She thinks we should all just get over it and learn to live with fewer rights than she feels she is entitled to have.

The Equal Rights Project has posted the full text of her rant on their website www.equalrightsproject.com in order to show that nothing was taken out of context in the YouTube video. In fact, the full text only confirms what has already been seen in the first video release.

Oklahoma has been hurt by her hateful statements. She sets us back 20 years in our efforts to find equal rights and treatment for every Oklahoman. The LGBT community is not seeking special treatment but equal rights. So, we have a message for Sally Kern – the gay agenda is equal rights for all Americans.

The Equal Rights Project was created to:

** Bring gay and straight America together.
** Elect candidates who will honor and uphold equal and fair treatment for all Americans -- not just Sally Kern and her followers.
** We will work to eliminate hate.
** And, we work to unseat those elected officials who continue to push the HATE Agenda.

The Equal Rights Project will also release the full audio of the speech in the next few days. Equal Rights for all is not special treatment but the right treatment from our elected officials.


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