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Contact: Alex Dorn
Start With a Laugh Productions
Phone: 323-644-1298
Email: yerfab@dailydragqueenaffirmations.com
Web: www.dailydragqueenaffirmations.com



The Gender Bending Video Gift May Surprise Many A "Secret Santa"

Hollywood, CA (12-05-08)-- Start With A Laugh Productions brings in the holiday cheer with an unusual use of the information superhighway: DailyDragQueenAffirmations.com subscribers receive a daily video of a man dressed-up as a lady delivering a humorous, life-affirming message.

"Given the state of things, people need affirmations more than ever" says David LeBarron, one of the co-founders of Start With A Laugh Productions, "It’s a great holiday gift for anyone who looks at their email every day. Think of it, every morning for a year they’ll smile and think of you, kind of like a page a day calendar that doesn’t kill so many trees." $9.95 dollars buys a whole year, or 365 daily videos.

Each of the 365 G-rated videos are professionally produced and edited featuring a cast of 27 L.A. based Drag Queens, including comedienne Jackie Beat, Willam Belli (Nip Tuck) and Mr. Dan, (Dragstrip 66). "We made sure that the girls we’re on their best behavior." Says Alex Dorn, another co-founder, "You can get this for your grandmother without worrying about curse words or inappropriate innuendo."

Samples of the videos, a downloadable EPK, ringtones, and press memberships are available online at: DailyDragQueenAffirmations.com


and on facebook.com

Start With A Laugh Productions is a very tiny independent production company formed in 2007 by Alex Dorn, David LeBarron and Louis Sciarrotta, three entertainment professionals in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, to make the world a better place.



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