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A "Christian," alcoholic comes to terms with his gayness by becoming an international fashion model in the newly released memoir, "Falling Off the Catwalk."

In the mid 90s Robert has a seemingly ideal life: a secure corporate job, a string of pretty girlfriends, and a condo in a SoCal beach town. Conflict between his outward success and his inner turmoil prompted him, at 29, to run away to Europe. Set during a slip from sobriety that eventually becomes an eight-year fall, "Falling Off the Catwalk" (ISBN: 9780979424113, Spunky Books, $17.00, August 2008) recounts a year and a half of global debauchery: sex with girls, sex with boys, acid trips and absinthe in Tokyo. All of this against a backdrop of runway shows for Hugo Boss and Fendi, appearances in GQ and French Cosmopolitan, partying with models in Milan, clubbing in Paris and Madrid.

Falling Off the Catwalk Cover As an Out and sober (long-term AA recovery), author, Robert knows he is not alone in facing these trials: many in the gay community are affected by internalized homophobia, identity crisis, addiction, alcoholism, and fears from religiosity. "We tend to live in false constructs that prevent us from coming to terms with our true selves," says Robert. "The memoir gave me the privilege of accurately recounting thoughts and actions that freed me from the shackles of lies I lived in. I don't believe we, as GLBT's, can continue to abuse ourselves with denial and addiction during this time in our history, as much as this can be helped. We must take action and move forward by living our passion as healthy, self-empowered individuals, and communities. This memoir has allowed me the privilege to hopefully help others. It's now time to do more."

Robert overcomes the memory loss associated with addiction and revolutionizes his contemporary memoir by emphasizing primary sources (his extensive journals, correspondences, audio and video tapes) in constructing the narrative. The text is accompanied by Robert's fashion photographs and complimented by video clips online at www.spunkybooks.com.


Robert Reincke completed his MBA from the University of San Diego in 1988, after which time he worked for corporate America. He worked as an international, fashion model for five years starting in 1993. Since hitting his alcoholic "bottom" in 2001 Robert has been sober with the help of AA and working as a writer. He currently also writes business plans for immigration attorneys of investor immigrants. His first book "Death of a Past Life" recounts the story of Robert's once-elite Russian family's horrific travails from the burgeoning of the St. Petersburg Bloody Sunday Massacre of 1905 to impoverished immigration to Ellis Island in 1949, and was published last year. Robert lives with his cat and long-time boyfriend in West Hollywood.

Book Summary:
Title: Falling Off the Catwalk
Author: Robert N. Reincke
ISBN: 978-0-9794241-1-3
Publisher: Spunky Books
Price: $17.00
Pubdate: 8 August 2008
Phone number: (323) 333-0755
Contact: robert@spunkybooks.com


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