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Over 35 Single Lesbian Market Targeted by Lesbian Producer

Events and social networking site offered for overlooked market

September 17, Palm Springs, Ca.-- Longtime GLBT producer, Carmen McKay, has a vision, well, a bad vision, that "Bifocals are sexy". www.BifocalsAreSexy.com is one of the urls for Carmen's company, SheShe.biz, which focuses on the unmet market demand for lesbians over 35 who wish to socialize.

SheShe.biz offers events for single women over 35 in Baja, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and France. Carmen decided to pursue the elusive market when she found herself single, at 48, and was personally frustrated at the lack of places to meet older gay women. "What do I do now? Cruise Bingo parlors?" remarked the animated producer whose business title is "The Dyke Whisperer".

Carmen McKay photo Typically, lesbian bars, cruises and events cater to women in their 20s and early 30s or to couples. "It's like we (over 35) are the unicorns of the GLBT community impossible to find". Living on a beach in Baja, she decided to create an event where single women over 40 could meet and enjoy quality time in a natural setting. Forty Women Over Forty sold out with 60 women in October of 2007 and is currently in its third sell out offer for this October 10-13 in Baja, Mx. www.FortyWomenOverForty.com.

The response from the community was so great, and women in their late 30s showed so much interest, that Carmen moved on to creating what will be the largest ever gathering of single lesbians over 35. The Aqua Caliente Resort and Casino in Palm Springs, California will host SheShe's event for 300 single lesbians over 35. Scheduled the weekend before the well known "Dinah" event, named after the Dinah Shore golf tournament, the over 35 attendees can mingle with their own demographic, and then drift into the larger event if they so choose. The event is March 27-31, 2009 and The Dinah begins April 2.

Single Lesbians at Baja Mariah Hanson, the Executive Producer of Club Skirts Presents commented: "The Dinah is excited that SheShe.biz is launching an event for women over 35 prior to the commencement of The Dinah Shore Weekend. Carmen McKay is a dedicated visionary and her commitment to quality makes her the kind of businessperson we like to support. And of course, the more the merrier!"

Carmen remarked, "It has been really great to have Mariah's support. I really admire what she has created, I love that we can work in synergy rather than in competition. I think that is a great model for lesbian producers which really serves the community. The Dinah really belongs to Mariah, and I love that I can send my customers her way after our event".

Women who are unable to attend the events can still meet single lesbians over 35 by virtue of SheShe's social networking site just for single lesbians over 35. "The whole idea is to build community it's crazy that our age group does not have one. Finding a partner is a crucial value in life, but finding friends to complain to once you do is important also" quipped Carmen. Ads for SheShe.biz boasts that "Joining SheShe is fast, easy and fun just like the women you would like to meet". Other current events are offered in Rancho Santa Fe, California on October 25, in San Francisco this winter and in France later in 2009.

Carmen McKay was responsible for creating the largest outdoor lesbian festival in California in the 80s and early 90s, as well as the first outdoor lesbian "Clean and Sober" festival. "Women's Weekend" took place twice a year on the Russian River, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and attracted 6000 women. At 25, she was the Assistant to the Producer for the 1987 March on Washington.


Contact: Carmen McKay at sheshebiz@gmail .com
(619) 207-7211


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