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That's one tasty Hole!

(Los Angeles, CA 05-19-08)- For anyone who's ever been in a situation where no matter how clean they are they still feel less than fresh, The French Connection has invented a product to help!

Butt Pirate from French Connection product display Chris Hull, owner of Los Angeles Based production/distribution company the French Connection, has just launched "Butt Pirate", an intimate deodorant, natural moisturizer and all around fun product for the bottom connoisseur.

Hull came up with the product as a way to take the fear of "Am I fresh back there?" out of ass play. "Now your biggest worry will be which flavor to choose!" he adds. Butt Pirate comes in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla, is vegan friendly and uses all natural organic ingredients.

"There's nothing else out there quite like it" Hull says. "It's definitely a first when it comes to butt play." BUTT PIRATE is the only product on the market that deodorizes as it safely evacuates and protects the bottom about to have vanilla or more extreme play.

For more information on how to order this unique product, contact Nick@frenchconnxxx.com


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