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Recent events in Oregon highlight the continuing relevance of the classic gay rights documentary BALLOT MEASURE 9, making its January release on DVD even more timely.

Movie Poster The film, which won major awards internationally, shocked movie-goers in 1995 with its inside views of a divisive anti-gay battle and the unprecedented violence the campaign provoked. The ballot initiative was intended to revoke and prevent civil rights protections for homosexuals and to mandate that schools teach that homosexuality is "abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse." The resulting virulent discourse led to the inevitable rise of anti-gay harassment, attacks and murder. Activists slept with guns under their beds.

In the intervening years, LGBT Oregonians have fought a succession of similar measures intended to curtail their civil rights, including a "defense of marriage" measure, limiting marriage to a man and a woman. Recently, Oregon's legislature responded by passing two new laws to offset the damage: a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation, and domestic partnership, to take effect on January 1, 2008. Unfortunately, U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman, a Bush-appointee, placed a temporary injunction on the domestic partnership law, stopping it from taking effect. (Mosman will hear arguments on February 1.)

Meanwhile, Portland's Mayor Tom Potter, a long-term LGBT supporter, hosted a gala BALLOT MEASURE 9 DVD release party in Portland, the "ground-zero" of the film's events. At the new QCenter, major figures from the film, the filmmakers, and an over-capacity LGBT crowd joined together to celebrate the distance traveled, and to gear for the work ahead.

DVD EXTRAS bring audiences up to date, with a new 40-minute bonus documentary, a commentary track featuring Director Heather MacDonald with major figures from the film, more info about the measures, plus the trailer and bonus scenes.

"BALLOT MEASURE 9 is a far-ranging expose of hate politics that crosses lines of race, religion and sexual identity, this might be the next training manual on how to rescue the soul of America." (B. RUBY RICH)

Ballot Measure 9 rally scene "Burns with energy" -BAY AREA REPORTER
"A picture to make you scream!" -THE NATION
"Riveting...emotionally sizzling." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
"Galvanizing." - NEW YORK TIMES . "Positively simmers." - LOS ANGELES WEEKLY
"One of the year's outstanding documentaries." - SEATTLE TIMES

AWARDS: Sundance Film Festival-Audience Award . Berlin Film Festival-Teddy Bear . Edinburgh Film Fest-Best of the Fest . L.A. Outfest-Grand Jury Prize . Denver Int'l Film Fest-People's Choice . GLAAD Media Award-Best Documentary

72 min.+features / USA / color / NR / 2008 (original theatrical release 1995)
DVD street date: January 29, 2008; Wholesale Orders: Ryko Distribution, 212-287-6100

Find more info at www.ballotmeasure9.htm . See the TRAILER on YOU TUBE


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