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Verified Audit Circulation and Research Services Lower Costs and Increase Advertising Revenue!

Circulation audits benefit both publishers and advertisers. Successful advertisers and media buyers rely on audit reports to provide reliable and authoritative circulation figures, to define a publication's market area and to document basic audience demographics. We currently audit numerous Gay and Lesbian publications (some of which have formed a “guild” to attract national advertisers!).

Audits lead to increased ad sales by strengthening the persuasiveness of sales presentations, qualification for regional and national advertising programs and by bringing accurate circulation measurement to the marketplace. Publishers also benefit from the auditor's “consulting” role. It's like having a personal trainer for the circulation department.

Verified conducts telephone and other types of surveys to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of distribution programs as well as to measure audience awareness and interest in a publication. Representative samples of households within a stated circulation area can be contacted to determine if they regularly receive and read the publication. The results of this survey can be included in the audit report.

Advertisers have come to rely on this measurement as a key factor in evaluating the value of free distribution publications. Surveys can also be used in conjunction with pre-packaged or custom research to provide user demographics. These surveys and the professionally prepared reports we generate attract advertisers and provide added advertising revenue.

Verified's internationally recognized programs add strength and credibility to sales programs. In addition our audits help circulation departments run efficiently, maximizing press run while lowering costs.

Audit reports contain a wealth of useful information. Audited circulation adds strength and credibility to all sales presentations. With over fifty years of experience, oversight by an independent Board of Governors composed of industry senior executives and a commitment to value and customer service, Verified is the best choice for circulation audits and research.

Can we discuss the services we provide in detail?

Alan Levy
Vice President
Verified Audit Circulation
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Larkspur, CA 94939
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