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Cassandra Tribe releases video for "The Cradle, the Lamb"

LGBT Spoken Word and Avant-Garde artist, Cassandra Tribe, has made her video for "The Cradle, the Lamb" available on YouTube, myspace, cultvault and her home site, loveandwords.

Written in response to the grief that filled so many lives in 2001, "the cradle, the lamb" is a prayer full of loss and hope. Performing with a solo voice, Cassandra Tribe creates the illusion that we are peeking in on a private moment with God.

Cassandra Tribe No matter what you believe, the emotions expressed in "the cradle" are familiar to us all, and the quiet hope and strong faith at the end, reach across the boundaries of all our lives.

With her second released video Cassandra Tribe once again demonstrates her skill as an artist and performer. I can think of no better way to begin the new year then listening and watching this small moment of reflection and hope.

View the video at:



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