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Cassandra Tribe releases video for "Ugly Diamonds"

Spoken Word and Avant-Garde Artist, Cassandra Tribe, joins a growing list of artists making their music free on the internet with her new website, loveandwords.com . Both of her cds are available, her audio essays, and now - for the first time, the performance video for "Ugly Diamonds" is online.



Advance Reviews of "Ugly Diamonds":

"....darkly beautiful...."

"...the retelling of the story of the Swan who instead of becoming beautiful, gives up the illusion and accepts the totality of their ugliness....the last scenes, the ones in which Tribe takes off her masks, are eerie and beautiful...."

".at first I was spooked by the voices, then it grabbed me and drew me in, beautiful, I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more from Tribe."

"it seems like a deeply personal piece, like some piece of private history, only as you watch it unfold...it becomes the telling of your own dark secret. The music is fantastic, the desolate scenery perfect."

"In lesser hands the imagery could have been trite, instead Tribe has produced a video that reminds you of rathskellars and the clubs of years gone by. Even her look, when you are never really sure what you are seeing - man or woman, is something from the past."

"dark..as Teutonic in emotion as she is in jaw line, but without a doubt, very well done and a profoundly unique performer."

see it on youtube:


or on Tribe's website

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