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Taking a turn to help THE transgender COMMUNITY

Emmy-nominated Soap opera actress and creator of Amy's Presenceš high-end wig line, Amy Gibson has helped boost confidence in women all over the world for years who suffer from hair loss by giving them the tools to feel beautiful from the inside out. Now, Gibson is spreading her message further by turning her crusade to helping the Transgender community complete the final phase of the puzzleÖ.. their hair!

"I have always spoken up for women," says Amy Gibson, founder of Crown and Glory Enterprises, a personal hair loss consulting company that manufacturers one-of-a-kind, custom made wigs in Los Angeles. "Now I am speaking up for the Transgenders community as they transition into complete womanhood, regardless of their original physical structure."

The latest media exposure on the Transgender community living in America is creating awareness to their private struggles and prompting society to reevaluate their understanding and acceptance. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, it is estimated that there is between 750,000 and 3 million Americans who have identified themselves as belonging to a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth. For some, the wig is a bridge to being completely feminine until their own hair grows in. For others, it is part of their daily beauty routine, either from hair loss due to hormone therapy or because it's simply a woman's prerogative to change her style.

"I believe the Transgender community should be given the opportunity to finalize this piece of the puzzle," says Gibson who has been wearing wigs since she was a teenager due to an auto-immune disease called Alopecia Areata. "They should be able to wear their hair like any other woman and have the very best available as well."

For someone in the Transgender community, finding a comfortable, stylish wig that fits the circumference of the average man's head can be a difficult task. Many also have the discouraging task of personally trimming the wigs because their faces are too large for the average woman's wig. But not anymore, Gibson has created a wig line for them with a larger cap size so that the hair styles work perfectly every time!

Many times, the Transgender community and those in the midst of change, are ridiculed in ordinary wig shops, therefore, Amy has recently renovated her studio, Crown and Glory Enterprises, to provide a safe environment where all her clients receive personalized and compassionate service. At C & G, clients comfortably experiment with new styles from her personally designed, custom color-blended human hair wigs to her revolutionary First Women's Swim Wig with Cyberhair created for the active women. Cyberhair is lightweight and looks and feels like human hair.

"It took some time for me to truly feel confident about my own personal struggle with hair loss," says Gibson. "So, if I can shorten this development for someone else, whether it's temporary or permanent, I'm proud to play a role in their transformation."

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Crown and Glory Enterprises

BIO: Amy Gibson has been a well-recognized face in daytime television, with a reputation for taking on daring roles and bringing her characters and story lines to the next level.† She was featured on "Love of Life," "The Young and the Restless," and "General Hospital" in the 1980's. Aside from her current entertainment industry projects, Gibson is the number one spokesperson in the country on behalf of women dealing with hair loss. Having lost her own hair 25 years ago from Alopecia Areata, Gibson launched her own company, Crown and Glory Enterprises, a consulting firm that services those in need of guidance and support who are dealing with hair loss. C & G also manufactures Amy's designs of custom human hair and synthetic pieces and is associated with Los Angeles area leading oncologists and cancer centers.† Most recently, Gibson has been referred to as "A woman on quite a crusade", and has been seen in "People Magazine", NBC TODAY SHOW, TYRA Banks Show", "EXTRA", "The Insider," †"Eye on LA", "Fox Nightly News," "KNBC Nightly News" and "Good Day LA" and lectures around the country, most recently speaking to girls at risk for the national organization, Girls Inc. Gibson is also the top female hair loss and only wig consultant for WEBMD.com. Visit www.crownandgloryenterprises.com.

For more information/interview opportunities, contact The Professional Image, Inc.
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