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For Immediate Release

Professionals of Faith to Lobby Out & Equal D.C. Conference

Individual members of the Rainbow Sash Movement (GLBT Catholics) will be attending the Out and Equal Conference, September 27 – 29 at the Hilton Washington in Washington DC, as part of growing group of Professionals of Faith. Professional’s of Faith will lobby Out & Equal for a round table discussion on this matter at their 2008 convention.

While not part of the Out and Equal Conference, the Rainbow Sash Movement supports the efforts of our members in alliance with other Professionals of Faith. This group will be lobbying the Out and Equal leadership to provide a space for discussion about the issues and concerns of Professionals of Faith at their 2008 convention. The issue of faith in the workplace is becoming an important human resources concern. GLBT Professionals of faith must take part in any discussion that reflects on our workplace perspectives.

More importantly we must begin to address the issue of fairness in the discussion of employee standards, the issue of poverty in this country, and global climate change from a GLBT faith based perspective. If you are interested in finding out more about Professionals of Faith please contact the Rainbow Sash Movement. We act only as the clearing house of ideas for any discussion, and a cyber meeting point.

The Rainbow Sash Movement will be hosting a lay led Communion Service in Washington DC. Those attending the Conference and wish to attend this Communion Service, or have any questions please contact us at Sashmovement@aol.com. Or view our web site at www.rainbowsashmovement.com for updated details.


Contact Person:

Joe Murray
US Convener
Rainbow Sash Movement


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