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New York Pride Live Broadcast

Alternative Productions, LLC has been established to transmit live telecasts of Alternative Lifestyle events via Internet Protocol, it was announced today by Dale Newberg, President of Alternative Productions.

The first live Webcast will be on June 24, 2007 from New York City. Heritage of Pride, Inc. one of the country’s largest Alternative Lifestyle organizations has entered into a Licensing Agreement with Alternative Productions for the rights to their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Parade and other events occurring during the New York City’s Pride Week. Viewers will be able to view the event live in over 135 countries in English and Spanish on the internet, Cellphones, PDAs, Laptops and other wireless receivers.

Alternative Productions has Licensed other Events including an Alternative Lifestyle Rodeo, Bowling Competition, Basketball Games, and other events to be announced soon.

Viewers will be able to watch these events, live and on Video-On-Demand on www.alternativeproductions.com, www.outinamerica.com, and www.pridenationnetworks.com internet sites.

Events will be presented live and make available on a Pay-Per-View basis or achieved fro Video-On-Demand for an initial price of $9.99, Monthly events are planned, and views will be offered an annual subscription for $99.99.

Alternative Productions, LLC is Florida Limited Liability Company recently formed by a number of Entertainment Industry veterans including Herman Rush, former President/CEO of the Columbia Pictures Television Group and member of the Board of Directors of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (now SONY Pictures) and Joe Indelli, former Executive Vice President of Orion Television, a division of Orion Pictures, and others.

Richard Newberg
Alternative Productions, LLC.
550 N. Island
Golden Beach
Florida 33160


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