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Norm Kent Launches National Gay News.Com

By Rob Sepulveda,

Fort Lauderdale attorney Norman Elliott Kent The Founder and the original publisher of the Express Gay News, Fort Lauderdale attorney Norman Elliott Kent, pictured, has announced the launch of an online daily gay national electronic newspaper.

Nationalgaynews.com hits the web in force today, with a front page story exposing possible homophobia in the operation of an international cruise line which arbitrarily canceled a popular 'Bears' cruise. The story can be viewed online at NationalGayNews.Com

Kent, now 57 years old, had sold the Express to Window Media in January of 2004, and waited until his three year non competition covenant was fulfilled before inaugurating his latest project.

Stated Kent, "The gay community can be an affluent, sophisticated high tech environment, and it is my belief that a clean online publication, which captures the breadth and diversity of our world, will be very popular and inviting. I really do not want to give any long speeches. I want the product to speak for itself."

The online newspaper will be filled on a daily basis with original writing, linked news sources, and columns on all aspects of gay and mainstream life. Links on the home page generate connections to sports, lifestyle, science and technology, business, health and HIV, as well as entertainment and a host of other gay and lesbian related interests.

Working on the project, Kent has already hired Bill Meyer, 52, who has operated an online gay guide for Florida, as well as originating online gay BBS systems. He has now created at nationalgaynews.com a nationwide resource guide for gays and lesbians to find activities and interests anywhere in the United States. Also joining Kent is the Website Administrator and Programmer, Dennis Jozefowicz, 36, who has been involved in computer multimedia since 1996, expanding into dynamic content design.

Interactive features will invite readers to submit their favorite pet photos, as well as images of a 'Hunk' and 'Amazon' of the day, or share their favorite website. Gay news feeds and a clearinghouse for national gay non profits and news media will also be posted online in the electronic paper. As he did with the Express starting in 1999, Kent is bringing substance to the paper immediately, contracting with Associated Press affiliates to present credible news stories from reputable journalists around the country.

"We will still be a cross section of our lives. There are nationally known gay columnists joining us and popular cartoonists to lighten the burden of each day. We want you to start each morning reading your horoscope and the weather on our home page," Kent added.

"We are still building the site and laying the foundations," stated Kent. "Our project is still being born. But the news does not wait and when an entire segment of our population gets blatantly discriminated against in a wholesale manner as we have seen today with the Bearcruises, we just have to go with what we got and get the word out there. My original intention was to tinker with the site for another month. But there is a saying you may have heard before, 'If not now, when?' The when has just become today."


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