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Dance music diva Robbyne Kaamil delivers an empowering version of a civil rights anthem which is intended to inspire and mobilize support for gay marriage.

New York City - November 13th -- Robbyne Kaamil whose powerhouse vocals have graced numerous club hits including, "Now U Left Me" (Tweek'd Records), "By Demand" (Chameleon Records) and "What's A Girl To Do" (Twisted Records), was moved to compose a new song based on the civil rights anthem, We Shall Overcome. The song "Free to Love" will certainly serve as a rallying call for gay marriage advocates. Kaamil was inspired to write the song after reading an article in Legal Times about the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia.

Dance music diva Robbyne Kaamil The Lovings were an interracial couple who were sentenced to one year in prison in Virginia for attempting to live there as man and wife. The couple petitioned the Supreme Court and a decision was handed down which made it legal for people of different races to legally marry in America. Kaamil was struck by the similarities between the struggle for marriage equality amongst interracial couples and gay couples.

"It is so wrong when you are not allowed to love who you want to love in a country which proclaims liberty and justice for all. I thought what better way to show the parallels between our struggles than with a song which was a powerful source of inspiration during the civil rights movement", stated Kaamil. DJ Elliot Dehoyos and Sharon Cason were enlisted to produce the track.

"I hope the song will encourage the gay community to continue its fight for equality and compel others to join it. If any American is denied full equality none of us should rest easy," proclaims Kaamil. Robbyne Kaamil is also the official Advice Diva for Dlist.com, the popular gay social site.

To hear "Free to Love" visit: www.myspace.com/robbynekaamil To receive an mp3 of "Free to Love" email your request to pudtame@aol.com.

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