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Gay residents speak openly about the holiday gift giving conundrum: What to buy for the man who has (already received) everything…without coming off as cheap or crass…

LOS ANGELES CA, Oct. 22, 2007: "Let’s face it; come holiday time, gift giving can be difficult”, says West Hollywood resident Gilberto Seals who continues with, “a re-gifted bottle of Merlot” or a gift certificate to a local restaurant are always appreciated, but they don’t say anything about the person who gives it".

Hairy Larry Logo Gilberto’s concern is valid but for many, ahem- lazy holiday gift givers, "the last minute liquor store run is way too common" say’s North Hollywood resident Steve Busby. My partner and I threw a housewarming/Christmas bash last year and two of the bottles that were left still had the price tags from the 7-11 (probably the one at the end of our street). It tells me that for some, gift-giving is the last thing on their minds”.

In some instances, "gifting in the Gay world can get really crass!” says West Hollywood resident, Gil Germaine. "I won’t bother to elaborate on what I’ve seen in the last 5 or 10 years" Once or twice is funny, but after years, it gets really old "Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m into that stuff".

In response to the needs of the community, Andian, Inc. released its cuddly mascot, "Hairy Larry". Their website (www.hairylarry.net) describes him as "the ultimate hedonist". In reality, Larry is a Chia Penis: harmless, cute, funny, green/reusable and entertaining but never crass.

About Andian, Inc:
Andian, Inc is the collaboration between designers and manufacturers with a sense of whimsy. The key players have worked in sales, electronics, real estate and marketing. They are currently looking for creative cartoonists who want to produce short films with Hairy Larry as the main subject as well as distribution for their product line.

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Media Contacts: Andy Sokol Co-President, Andian, Inc. Ian Liebman Co-President, Andian, Inc. sales@hairylarry.net


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