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For Release: Immediate
Information Contact: Stephen Evans

Might I suggest just one more contribution?

After changing funding sources mid-stream, The Gay Publishing Company went back to the drawing table. Two months later, the start-up publisher is again on its way to publishing new GLBT fiction. A final year-end fund-raising campaign will assure success in the new year.

Orlando, FL; December 13: The Gay Publishing Company only began exploratory operations in the middle of 2007 and already has received six full-size novels, an agented manuscript, a dozen short stories, a screenplay, and a memoir. “And new material keeps coming in,” according to editor and publisher Stephen Evans. To harness this start-up momentum and ensure that The Gay Publishing Company continues to grow, the company is working to raise a final grand total of $200,000.

“Of course, we don’t expect one or two people to take care of that budget—though we wouldn’t run from him or her too quickly!” Evans jokes. “That means that anyone who reads or writes GLBT fiction should feel comfortable in contributing what they can.”

With the continued support of writers and readers, The Gay Publishing Company is planning to begin online publication by the spring of 2008. A print magazine is then planned to be produced and distributed by the end of summer 2008. “And we’re currently planning to release our first book by the summer of 2009.” Without adequate support, however, those ambitious dates will likely not be met.

Where will the funds go?
“Our business plan shows a dramatic potential for growth during its first few quarters; but we do have an immediate need for contributions to help offset our past optimism.” According to the Web site, current contributions are needed for the following purposes:
•to meet current operating expenses,
•to fund immediate promotional and advertising expenses,
•to continue exploring additional short- and long-range funding options,
•to finalize the company’s formal business plan and legal structures for its profit and nonprofit operations, and
•to expand the advisory board to include
another experienced publishing professional,
a publishing industry marketing professional,
a nonprofit sector advisor, and
an intellectual property and media rights attorney.

Why help fund a small publishing venture?
Small publishers like The Gay Publishing Company are currently outperforming “the big guys,” who have been cutting budgets and staff for years. Most of these larger traditional publishing houses no longer solicit original stories, seldom consider first-time authors, and rarely accept gay-themed story lines. They no longer have development personnel who work with authors to get their stories into publishable shape nor promotional budgets to distribute publications outside the so-called big-box bookstores. “In general, the large traditional publishers just don’t take many risks, anymore, on projects that don’t promise commercial potential or film possibilities,” Evans laments.

“Small publishers, on the other hand, like The Gay Publishing Company are more flexible and more reactive to the rapid changes that are taking place in the publishing industry today,” he boasts. “Small publishers like The Gay Publishing Company are poised to take advantage of unsettled e-book technologies, reader blogs, online writer networks, hands-on distribution capabilities, and other current and coming opportunities. Small publishers like The Gay Publishing Company have smaller budgets and more motivated staffs, as well as more dedicated readers. Small publishers like The Gay Publishing Company do not have to focus on cookie-cutter commercialization practices to make money; they can look primarily at providing quality and variety to their audiences.”

But, why help fund a start-up gay publishing venture?
“Look again at the collection of material we've gathered—without even trying. Now, imagine what would have become of those writings in the past. In my years of experience as theGayEditor, I can tell you what is likely to have happened.”

“Their first option was to self-publish the works, which meant paying for every part of the publishing process themselves: editing, typesetting, designing, proofreading, printing, binding, distributing, marketing, and all the hidden expenses that popped up during the process.”

“Or, they could have pursued the ‘time-honored’ method of trying to find an interested and supportive agent who would present the work to a traditional big-name publisher—an experience that led to a whole different set of challenges, including the fact that they rarely accept gay-themed story lines.”

“The final option, which was unfortunately the norm, was to file the stories away, check their completion off the list as a personal accomplishment, and move on to write something else that would also be appreciated by a few friends and maybe some coworkers.”

“The Gay Publishing Company is going to add another choice.” With the financial support of the GLBT community, The Gay Publishing Company will provide several publishing options for GLBT writers and their creations—in the very near future.

For additional information on The Gay Publishing Company and its efforts, visit the Web site at www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com, where submission information, contribution options, and detailed contact information are all available.

About The Gay Publishing Company:
The Gay Publishing Company will be an online and paper publisher for readers of gay-, lesbian-, bisexual-, and transgender-themed leisure-intended literary materials and the writers of such material. For submission information, visit the Web site at http://www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com.

Stephen Evans, the-freelance-editor

Photo: available for download from http://www.thegaypublishingcompany.com/images/Dec07party.jpg Caption: Stephen Evans (left), editor, publisher, and founder of The Gay Publishing Company, pauses with at least one future client at a recent holiday gathering.



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