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The Gay Publishing Company
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New publisher opens to gay and lesbian (GLBT) writers and readers

A new GLBT publishing house, www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com, has recently opened to provide outlets for both writers of gay-themed literature and readers who can't find enough gay reading materials.

Orlando, FL, September 1, 2007: The Gay Publishing Company has just celebrated the opening of its virtual doors to writers and readers of GLBT-themed literature. Physically located in Orlando, Florida, the publishing house expects to pull writers and readers together from all English-language countries around the globe.

"Interest has been quite supportive," says the company's founder and editor, Stephen Evans. Evans has been a freelance editor and project editor for most of his adult life. "We're opening quietly, but we have big, big plans for the future."

Those plans include online publication of gay-themed short stories, serialized mysteries, installments of science fiction and fantasy adventures, and even "respectable" romance novellas-anything with a GLBT focus. In the not-too-distant future, The Gay Publishing Company even expects to enter print publishing, as well.

"Many of the gay publishers and gay imprints of the major publishing houses have closed down over the past several years-not for lack of business but because of successful integration into the mainstream traditional publishing houses," he says.

"However, with the more recent downsizing and consolidating of those mainstream houses, most writers of gay-themed literature-in fact, writers of any societal minority-now have a difficult time finding agents and publishers anywhere."

"And, that is sad because everyone has a story to tell. Whether it's a story about their own life, a conglomerate of several lives around them, or a dream-everyone has a story. And minority stories are often the ones that need to be told and heard most."

The Gay Publishing Company will work with writers to prepare their installments for online publication. "Our goal is not to turn down work, but to help improve it so we are both proud of the end product-the old-fashioned approach to writing-editing-publishing. Our subscribers will be the first to know of new installments."

The company expects to be adding at least half a dozen installments a month by the end of the year with a goal of doubling that number in 2008.

Evans confesses that the site is still working out kinks. Billing issues and subscription details will be worked out over the next two to three months. For that reason, subscriptions that are purchased by the end of 2007 will be good for at least a full eighteen months. "We'll have our act totally together by December so that all subscribers will receive more than a full year of 'perfect' issues!" Evans comments that two intangible advantages add to the value of subscribing now. "First, we will have some live guinea pigs to practice with; second, subscribers will have the satisfaction of knowing they've helped contribute some working capital to get us up and running more quickly."

As part of its virtual opening, The Gay Publishing Company is promoting two contests: one to name the company and another to find photographs to decorate the company Web site. Details for each are currently posted on the company's Web site.

As soon as possible, the publisher also wants to initiate its author scholarship program. "In working with authors over the years, and as a part-time author myself, I know the financial hardships that can limit work on a manuscript. When our scholarship program reaches a sustainable level of funding, the money will be put to good use, assisting writers to put more energy into their stories in a more urgent manner."

For additional information, on The Gay Publishing Company and its efforts, visit the Web site at www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com, where subscription and submission information along with detailed contact information are all available.

About The Gay Publishing Company:
The Gay Publishing Company is a subscription-supported site for readers of gay-, lesbian-, bisexual-, and transgender-themed leisure-intended literary materials and the writers of such material. For subscription and submission information, visit the Web site at http://www.TheGayPublishingCompany.com.

Stephen Evans, the-freelance-editor



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