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Your next date could be just 10 meters away!

SINGAPORE - May 17, 2007 -- AJ Entrepreneurs announced today the availability of its revolutionary mobile phone social networking software, emale mobile(TM), enabling immediate connectivity between today's highly mobile individuals. This "personals" platform uses Bluetooth technology to instantly connect gays and lesbians within a 10-meter (33 feet) radius range, acting as a second sense of gaydar - the intuitive ability to ascertain whether another person is gay.

Until now, the Internet has been one of the main resources available for many gays and lesbians seeking new friends or a partner. With emale mobile(TM), they can now expand their social network while offline and make friends according to their search criteria anywhere they are, be it school, work, the gym, commuting on public transportation, or any other social gathering places.

After downloading the software from www.emalemobile.com and creating a profile, emale mobile(TM) scans for others nearby while the user goes about his or her daily routine. When emale mobile(TM) detects another user, and if a match is found, both users' profiles are exchanged automatically and saved to the mobile phone's memory. Personals are text-based, and users also have the option to upload photos in their profile. Upon viewing a profile, the user has the option of sending a wink, kiss, spank, or a text message to express interest in the other person. emale mobile(TM) is able to run on a wide variety of mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, BenQ/Siemens, LG, Panasonic, and others that support the Bluetooth API.

emalemobile screen 1

"emalemobile.com has attracted huge interest from the gay and lesbian community with over 15,000 unique visitors during its first month online. This is an encouraging indication to the success of the product. We hope to work with partners with stakes in the global gay and lesbian community to continue emale mobile's(TM) push towards becoming a standardized platform for mobile gay content and networking. We are currently discussing partnerships with some of the best-known online gay portals and aim to have a global launch of the product later this year", said John Woodburn, Managing Director, AJ Entrepreneurs.

While previous attempts have been made to market similar hardware based gaydar devices, AJ Entrepreneurs is confident their mobile software based solution will achieve more success than its predecessors. John added, "what makes emale mobile(TM) unique is its graphical user interface, profiles that contain pictures, the ability to contact the other person even when they are out of range, and its sexual awareness". What he means by "sexual awareness" is that if you are a male seeking a male, profiles can only be exchanged if it detects another male seeking a male. Another unique feature is the ability to specify an age range, allowing different age groups to filter out others.

emalemobile screen 2

The latest beta version of emale mobile(TM) is available for download free of charge. For more information or to download the software, visit http://www.emalemobile.com

Media contact:
John Woodburn
+65-9848-5314 (Singapore, GMT+8)
About AJ Entrepreneurs
Started in 2006, AJ Entrepreneurs was founded with an ambition to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to explore their ideas and help make them a reality. The company is currently home to the emale mobile venture as well as a talent venture providing modeling, dance, and entertainment services.


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