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Tony Gomez, President
Slogo Designs LLC
Cocked & Loaded
ph 612-392-8188

Cocked & Loaded

Stylish Gay Humor Shirts with Cool Attitude, Scandalous Innuendos, and Daring Double Entendres will have you EXPLODING onto the scene!

July 12, 2007- Cocked & Loaded is a new, casual fashion brand created for gay jocks, fitness buffs, and those who love cool attitude and suggestive humor. We offer muscle tee workout t-shirts with original stylish graphics and wicked one liners. If your muscular arms don’t command attention at the gym, our suggestive slogans definitely will. These attention-grabbing shirts are also tailor made for a night out at your favorite club or sultry summer parties.

Cocked and Loaded Logo For you gay sports enthusiasts… don’t forget to check out our twisted takes on your favorite sports including: Softball, Volleyball & Fishing. Some of these sports designs are also featured on American Apparel Baseball Tees and AA Ringer Tees.

If you’re looking to wear our daring designs to spice up more formal occasions, we also feature most designs on high quality American Apparel jersey tees with short sleeves.

The inspiration for this brand comes from the desire to have better choices available for workout t-shirts and casual shirts. Many gay men are health conscious and work out at least 3-4 times a week. We want to offer the community more personalized workout t-shirts with our unique shirts that are specifically created with you and your “edgy” humor in mind! As a gay owned business, we are in the unique position to keep on the cutting edge of the market’s desires through both our personal and professional interactions.

We also aspired to create a brand that "makes sense" As a man, what does it mean when you’re "Cocked & Loaded" in a sleeveless t-shirt?

Now imagine what it might mean when we expand our line to include underwear!

As we further build and refine the venture we will explore the option of adding partners in the fields of web development, graphic design, and other possible industries where a mutually beneficial relationship is possible. It is our goal to become one of the premier brands for gay men in North America & beyond! To do that, we understand that it will require bringing in more top notch talent that understand and embrace the gay community, and can share in our dream of building the next great gay brand!

Cocked & Loaded- EXPLODE onto the Scene! (Don’t trickle in with the rest of the dicks)

Website address: http://www.cockedandloadedtshirts.com

Inquiries or comments- Tony@cockedandloadedtshirts.com


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