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Contact: Mitch Stein

Tel: 310-770-4121
Email: papabear@bearlybuddies.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Finally, a site that is not just about your stats (although you can certainly give them out if you'd like). This brand new website is for men who know who they are, like who they are, and are not afraid to live the way they want to.

In today's world of stereotypes and preconceived notions about gay men, do we even really know what a “bear” is? I like to think “bears” are men, gay men but nothing more then that. Someone who has not lost his sense of masculinity when the door of the closet closed behind him

Mitch Stein, the founder of bearlybuddies.com, felt that the major social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, were not catering to the Bear community. All too often, while searching through these large sites, the Bear profiles had been set to private, as if to be ashamed of who they are and what they represent. Why should these amazingly beautiful men feel the need to hide themselves? Mitch, a proud Bear himself, has set up bearlybuddies.com in hopes of not only building an online “bear” community, but to also shatter the inaccurate stereotypes that plague the community itself.

Bearlybuddies.com was established in Sept of 2007 by Mitch Stein. The site is free and offers unlimited picture sharing, mailing, commenting, and blogging. Bearlybuddies.com is a place to meet new friends, advertise an event, share personal experiences, and meet other men in the community. Bearlybuddies is for anyone who identifies as a “Bear” or “Bear-friendly.” Bearlybuddies.com -- log on today and bare your soul.


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