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Lots of interesting buttons have been created for gay pride, HIV prevention and other glbt topics, but there is no one collection of them, and no collection that is accessible to people all over the world. Buttons are an important form of communication and are part of the gay experience and gay/lesbian history. In this archive they can continue to educate and inspire.

Thus, GLINN is going to maintain this area on the World Wide Web so that gay, lesbian, transgender and other peoples can enjoy the artistry and intelligence of these creations. These examples will also help button and other designers in communities around the world in coming up with ideas to celebrate gay pride and to prevent the spread of HIV.

This site was began with buttons belonging to Dan Schramm, CEO of GLINN Corporation. We need your help to add to it. You can upload images directly to our site, or send the buttons and we will return them after scanning.

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