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publication_name = Women's Community Connection
company = Women's Community Connection
name = Sherrie Nist
title = Publisher
submiter_email = publisher@womenscommunityconnection.com
editor_name = publisher@womenscommunityconnection.com
editor_email = editor!womenscommunityconnection.com
ad_manager = publisher@womenscommunityconnection.com
ad_manager_email = ads@womenscommunityconnection.com
address = 2544 N Champlain Ave
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = Tempe
state = AZ
country = USA
zip/postalcode = 
phone = 480-946-5570
fax = 480-946-5570
submission_email = editor@womenscommunityconnection.com
www_url = www.womenscommunityconnection.com
adinfo_url = www.womenscommunityconnection.com/Advertising
listing_type = Lesbian Only Publication
publication_frequency = Monthly
publication_day = Thursday
format = Web Based
circulation_area = Multiple cities in one state
paid_circulation = 300
free_circulation = 5000
estimated_readership = 6000
circulation_audit = Unaudited
demographics = lesbians, Phoenix & surrounding areas, 
base_displayad_rate = Business Card ads $25.00, full page ads $120.00
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = $5.00 for up to 50 words, $10.00 for 51 - 100 words
classifieds_online = Yes.
adult_content = Yes, but with content restrictions.
market_mission = The WCC is the only exclusively lesbian-oriented publication in the Phoenix area.
In the WCC, you'll find announcements about every local group, event, activity, and organization of interest to lesbians. Our community calendar is the most comprehensive available. Whether you're looking for dinner groups, e-mail clubs, sports activities, special events, networking opportunities, specific interest groups and clubs, lesbian friendly churches, support groups or anything else, you'll find it in the WCC. The WCC also carries articles, columns, and commentary, most of it from local lesbian writers. There's humor, advice, reviews (book, movie, and restaurant), and feature articles. If you're an entrepreneur wishing to target the lesbian market, the WCC is the perfect venue to advertise your goods and services. We keep our advertising rates as reasonable as possible to help you get a good start for your business, and to help you keep it going. If you are in need of goods and/or services, and like to keep your dollars in the lesbian community whenever possible, you are likely to find what you need in our pages. Our advertisers are all lesbian or lesbian-friendly.

Our title, Women's Community Connection, says it all!

comment = The Women's Community Connection went "green" in January 2009. Instead of the previous paper copy, the WCC is now delivered via e-mail, in the form of a .pdf document. keywords = Women's Community Connection, lesbian newsletter, lesbian, Phoenix AZ, women, community, LGBT publications, WCC, Lesbian Social Network, LSN

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