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Times .10 Magazine

pubname                : Times .10 Magazine
company                : Times .10 Publications Society
name                   : Dennis Cambly
title                  : Managing Editor / President
submitemail            : dcambly@v-wave.com
editorname             : Dennis Cambly
editoremail            : dcambly@v-wave.com
advertname             : Jacy
advertemail            : jacy@v-wave.com
address                : 10121-124 Street
apt                    : 
city                   : Edmonton
state                  : AB
zip                    : T5K 2L4
phone                  : 780-415-5616
fax                    : 780-455-6540
email                  : times10@v-wave.com
www                    : www.times10.org
adinfo                 : 
gaydata.com/MEDIAUPDATE: http://www.gaydata.com/mediaupdate
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 8x10
circulationarea        : State-wide
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : 7000
MARKET : We are a not-for-profit magazine founded in 1993 for the purpose of
making our voices heard across the Province of Alberta & Western Canada. We promote
freedom of speech and do everything we can to promote our groups and services. One of
our main focus areas is in the area of educating both gays on their mental, physical and
emotional health. Being produced in the Capital City, Edmonton, we love to take on our ultra
conservative politicians.

COMMENT : Our Internet site is located at http://www.times10.org. Each issue of
Times .10 magazine is posted on the site. The site is easy to move around in with a site
map on the main page.

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