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Swerve newsmagazine

Publication_Name: Swerve newsmagazine

Company: Swerve Media Inc.

Name: Richard F.J. Wood

Title: Editor

Submiter_email: swervemedia@mts.net

Editor_Name: Richard F.J. Wood

Editor_Email: swervemedia@mts.net

Ad_Manager: Chris Baur

Ad_Manager_Email: swervemedia@mts.net

Address: 63 Albert Street

Suite/Apt/Add Line 2: 200

City: Winnipeg

State: NA

Country: CAN

zip/postalcode: R3B 1G4

phone: 204-942-4599

fax: 204-947-0554

Submission_Email: swervemedia@mts.net

www_url: www.swervemedia.org

adinfo_url: www.swervemedia.org/Advertise.html

Listing_Type: GLBT Print Publication

Publication_Frequency: Monthly

Format: Tabloid

Circulation_Area: Regional

Free_Circulation: 5000

Estimated_Readership: 10000

Circulation_Audit: Unaudited

Base_DisplayAd_Rate: $470 for full page B&W

Color-Availability: Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)

Classified_Ads_Rate: $5.35 for first 25 words; 20 cents for each additional word plust GST

classy_online: No_Classifieds_Not_Online

adult_content: Adult Content Accepted

adult_section: No Adult Content Section
MARKET_MISSION: Swerve is an informative, issue-oriented publication for the glbt community of Winnipeg, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and two-spirited people. We encourage discussions between the diverse elements of our culture by providing a forum in which to express our sexuality, share information, debate ideas, and advocate action.

Our goals are to arouse and entertain, provoke and challenge, provide a focus of political and sexual awareness from a local perspective, promote gay and lesbian pride, and fight homophobia. Swerve is a free publication and hits the streets during the first week of each month.

COMMENT: Issues are available for download from our web site. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization.

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