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Stonewall Journal

pubname                : Stonewall Journal
company                : Stonewall Columbus Agency, Inc.
name                   : Jeff Redfield
title                  : Executive Director
submitemail            : stnwall@ix.netcom.co
editorname             : Andy Scahill
editoremail            : 
advertname             : Tony Bellville
advertemail            : stnwall@ix.netcom.co
address                : 1160 N. High Street
apt                    : 
city                   : Columbus
state                  : OH
zip                    : 43201
phone                  : 614-299-7764
fax                    : 614-299-4408
email                  : stnwall@ix.netcom.co
www                    : stonewall-columbus.o
adinfo                 : 
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 8x10
circulationarea        : Multiple cities in one state
PaidCirculation        : sent to members
FreeCirculation        : 6,000 local business
MARKET : Stonewall Journal is the monthly publication of Stonewall Columbus.
Stonewall Columbus is a human rights organization serving central Ohio through advocacy,
community building, and education. We do this in pursuit of equality, fairness and safety for the
entire gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) community. We distribute 7,000
journals monthly, with direct mailing to organizations and our contributor base. Stonewall
Columbus also coordinates the largest GLBT event in Ohio, the Pride Holiday held in late
June every year. Our offices are located in the Stonewall Columbus Community Center,
serving through meeting space, referral hotlines, an annual business directory (Lavender
Listings), lending library, and office rentals.

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