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She Magazine—The Source For Women

Publication_Name       : She Magazine—The Source For Women
Company                : She Magazine
Name                   : Tina Sordellini
Title                  : Managing Editor
Submiter_email         : info@shemag.com
Editor_Name            : Tina Sordellini
Editor_Email           : info@shemag.com
Ad_Manager             : Maria Espinal
Ad_Manager_Email       : ads@shemag.com
Address                : P.O. Box 14850
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2   : 
City                   : Ft. Lauderdale
State                  : FL
Country                : USA
zip/postalcode         : 33312
phone                  : 954-474-0183
fax                    : 954-474-1641
Submission_Email       : info@shemag.com
www_url                : http://www.shemag.com
adinfo_url             : 
Listing_Type           : LGBT Print Publication
Publication_Frequency  : Monthly
Format                 : 8x11
Circulation_Area       : Multi-State
Paid_Circulation       : 
Free_Circulation       : 10,000
Estimated_Readership   : 40,000
Circulation_Audit      : Unaudited
Demographics           : Women age 18-60
Base_DisplayAd_Rate    : 1/8th color $75-95   Full Page b/w $375-425  FP Color $4450-550
Classified_Ads_Rate    : 40 words $35  $15 for each additional 20 words
classy_online          : No_Classifieds_Not_Online
adult_content          : Adult Content Accepted
adult_section          : No Adult Content Section
MARKET_MISSION : Our goal is to provide a quality magazine for all women who identify with the GLBT community, regardless of age, ethnicity or sexual preference.

She Magazine, established in February 1999, is a 8-1/2 x 11, color, glossy format magazine which has featured cover stories and feature articles with many nationally known faces such as Melissa Etheridge, Margaret Cho, Destiny's Child, Kathy Najimi, Sandra Bernhard, Ellen & Betty DeGeneres, Queen Latifah, Charlie's Angels, Gloria Estefan, Eden Reigel and many more. She Magazine also features our She Espanol section which contains all original content for our readers of hispanic heritage.

We have monthly features in the areas of music, film, video, television, health, attitude, mental health, bisexuality, horoscopes, book reviews, Generation X, ethnicity and much more. Our web version is but a sampling of what we have in each issue of She.

KEYWORDS : lesbian, woman, women, bisexual, music, video, celebrities, LGBT, gay, horoscopes

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