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SBC Magazine

pubname                : SBC
company                : SBC Publishers
name                   : Stanley Bennett Clay
title                  : Publisher/Editor-In-Chief
submitemail            : sbcmagazine@sprintmail.com
editorname             : Stanley Bennett Clay
editoremail            : sbcmagazine@sprintmail.com
advertname             : Stanley Bennett Clay
advertemail            : sbcmagazine@sprintmail.com
address                : 1155 4th Avenue
city                   : Los Angeles
state                  : CA
zip                    : 90019
phone                  : 323.733.5661
fax                    : 323.733.9200
email                  : sbcmagazine@sprintmail.com
www                    : sbc-online
adinfo                 : sbcmagazine@sprintmail.com
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Every Two Months
format                 : 8x10
circulationarea        : Nationwide (U.S.)
PaidCirculation        : 4,000
FreeCirculation        : 21,000
MARKET : Established in 1992 SBC is the nation's oldest and most widely distributed
periodical serving the black gay and lesbian community. Contents include political and
celebrity features, original fiction, Africentric editorials, state of the art photography,
international news articles. Such notable Africentric homosexuals as E. Lynn Harris,
James Earl Hardy, Barbara Smith, Lenore Rivers, Keith Boykin, to name a few, are frequent
contributors. SBC does not publish sexually explicit material.

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