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TRADE: Queer Things

Publication_Name: TRADE: Queer Things

Company: TRADE

Name: Jon Pressick

Title: Publisher

Submiter_email: jon@tradequeerthings.com

Editor_Name: Jon Pressick

Editor_Email: jon@tradequeerthings.com

Ad_Manager: Jon Pressick

Ad_Manager_Email: jon@tradequeerthings.com

Address: #209-175 Hunter Street West

City: Hamilton

State: NA

Country: CAN

zip/postalcode: L8P 1R4

phone: 905-527-9589

Submission_Email: jon@tradequeerthings.com

www_url: www.tradequeerthings.com

adinfo_url: www.tradequeerthings.com/advertising.html

Listing_Type: GLBT Print Publication

Publication_Frequency: Quarterly

Format: 8x11

Circulation_Area: Nationwide (Foreign)

Paid_Circulation: All

Estimated_Readership: 300-400

Circulation_Audit: Unaudited

Base_DisplayAd_Rate: 1/4 page $25, Full Page $80 - CDN funds

Color-Availability: No Color. B&W Only.

Classified_Ads_Rate: no classifieds

classy_online: No_Classifieds_Not_Online

adult_content: Adult Content Accepted

adult_section: No Adult Content Section

MARKET_MISSION: TRADE: Queer Things is aimed at the Queer market. It speaks to those who do not fit into the LGBT mode, hence it is a queer publication. It primarily features Canadian Content, but it has featured American content as well.

KEYWORDS: TRADE, Queer, Things, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, youth, young, urban, alternative, fringe, bizarre, canada, canadian,

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