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Q Northeast Magazine

publication_name = Q Northeast Magazine
company = Q Northeast Publishing
name = Wes Bennett
title = Co-Editor, Art DIrector
submiter_email = wesbenn@aol.com
editor_name = Erik vonHausen
editor_email = qnortheast@aol.com
ad_manager = Wes Bennett
ad_manager_email = artspaceutica@aol.com
address = PO box 329
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = Utica
state = NY
country = USA
zip/postalcode = 
phone = 315-733-2642
fax = 
submission_email = qnortheast@aol.com
www_url = http://www.qnortheast.com
adinfo_url = http://www.qnortheast.com/advertise.htm
listing_type = GLBT Print Publication
publication_frequency = Monthly
format = 7x8.5
circulation_area = Regional
paid_circulation = 200 copies/month
free_circulation = approx. 10,000 copies/month
estimated_readership = 11,000+/month
circulation_audit = Unaudited
demographics = 
base_displayad_rate = Full Pg = $495/month
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = $40.00 - 25 words or less / $10 each addt'l line
yes_classifieds_online = 
no_classifieds_not_online = 
adultcontentaccepted = 
Adult_Content_NOT_Accepted = 
adult_content_in_separate_section = 
No_Adult_Content_Section = 
market_mission = All of us at Q Northeast strive to produce a magazine that is supportive, inclusive,& appealing to the GLBTQ community as a whole. Over the years, we've seen the negative connotations slowly dissolving away from the label "queer" and evolving into an all-encompassing label that means "different & unique - in apositive way". The single letter "Q" is quickly becoming the new, respected,inclusive label for all people who don't always fit the social norm. We strive to reflect those positive values of different & unique every month, while maintaininga commitment to respect, creativity and professionalism.

Every month, Q features new artists, local events, feature articles, humor, and brilliant photographic spreads. Just below the surface, there's a constant theme of self-respect, promoting diversity, and creating positive social change in our local, daily lives.

Q is currently distributed to all of Eastern & Western Upstate New York, from Rochester, Elmira, and Ithaca to Utica, Syracuse, Albany & Troy. In Southern NY, we cover the Hudson Valley, all the way north to Plattsburgh and into Montreal. In New England, you'll find Q in Providence, RI; Boston, Springfield & Provincetown, MA; Burlington, VT; as well as Ogunquit & Portland, ME. In the coming months, watch for us in Buffalo, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and the cities of Hartford & New Haven in Connecticut. At 10,000 plus copies per month regionally, and extra exposure in the online .PDF version of QNortheast, your ad dollars go further to get your message spread across the region. comment = If you're not able to pick up a print copy, download your free copy of copy of QNortheast Magazine every month online in .PDF format at www.qnortheast.com. It's all the same images, articles, and personality that goes into our paper copies. Be patient, the file is usually about 4MB...if you're using a dialup modem it may take a few minutes. keywords = gay, Syracuse, northeast, new england, Albany, Utica, Rochester, New York, NY, MA, Montreal, Hudson, central, CNY, glbt, glbtq, Boston, Plattsburgh, dance, clubs, bars, hiv/aids, hiv, aids, upstate, bars, classified, q northeast, capitalmen, bi-sexual, bi, queer, lesbian, trans-sexual, news

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