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Philogyny: Girls Who Kiss and Tell

Publication_Name       : Philogyny: Girls Who Kiss and Tell
Company                : PussyWhipped Productions
Name                   : Amie M. Evans
Title                  : Minister of Love
Submiter_email         : pussywhippedproductions@hotmail.com
Editor_Name            : Amie M. Evans
Editor_Email           : philogynyzine@hotmail.com
Ad_Manager             : Wendy Stone
Ad_Manager_Email       : philogynyzine@hotmail.com
Address                : PO Box 1732
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2   : 
City                   : Cambridge
State                  : MA
Country                : USA
zip/postalcode         : 02238
phone                  : 617-541-6913
fax                    : n/a
Submission_Email       : philogynyzine@hotmail.com
www_url                : n/a
adinfo_url             : n/a
gaydata.com/MEDIAUPDATE: http://www.gaydata.com/mediaupdate
Listing_Type           : Lesbian Only Publication
Publication_Frequency  : Quarterly
Format                 : 8x11
Circulation_Area       : Multi-State
Paid_Circulation       : 1000
Free_Circulation       : 100-250
Estimated_Readership   : 1500
Circulation_Audit      : Unaudited
Demographics           : majority of our readers are 21-35 lesbians and bisexual women, we have some straight men, a small percent of gay men and straight women and a small percent of lesbians over 40 based on event turn outs
Base_DisplayAd_Rate    : contact for details 1/4 page is $50.
Color-Availability     : No Color. B&W Only.
Classified_Ads_Rate    : n/a
classy_online          : No_Classifieds_Not_Online
adult_content          : Adult Content Accepted
adult_section          : No Adult Content Section
MARKET_MISSION : Propagate and disseminate information about lesbian sexuality and sex acts. We as feminists support and encourage informed consensual sexual choices among women. We are pro-sex. We believe celebrating all forms of lesbian sexual expression is the key to social revolution. If we are wrong, at least we will have fun finding out. But we don't think we are wrong. Philogyny is pro-feminist, pro-whore, pro-poly, pro-mono, and pro-anything that empowers us as women to love each other in the ways in which we chose.

lesbians, dykes, queer girls who want to have fun sex, read quality erotic stories and take over the world *wink*. COMMENT :

KEYWORDS : lesbian, erotica, queer girl, smut, short stories, photos, women, porn, dyke, femme, butch, sex,

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