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Outlooks National Magazine

publication_name = Outlooks
company = Outlooks Publication Inc.
name = Roy Heale
title = Publisher
submiter_email = rheale@outlooks.ca
editor_name = Roy Heale
editor_email = editor@outlooks.ca
ad_manager = Cap Peters
ad_manager_email = cpeters@outlooks.ca
address = 1230A 17th Ave S.W.
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = algary
state = SS
country = CAN
zip/postalcode = 
phone = 403 228 1157
fax = 403228 7735
submission_email = main@outlooks.ca
www_url = www.outlooks.ca
adinfo_url = www.outlooks.ca
listing_type = GLBT Print Publication
publication_frequency = Monthly
publication_day = Sunday
format = Tabloid
circulation_area = Nationwide (Foreign)
paid_circulation = 
free_circulation = 37,500
estimated_readership = 100,000
circulation_audit = Unaudited
demographics = 
base_displayad_rate = 
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = 
classifieds_online = Yes.
adult_content = Yes, but with content restrictions.
market_mission = If you have not had the opportunity to pick us up before, I would like to introduce you to Outlooks magazine, Canada's only truly national gay and lesbian publication. Based in Calgary, Outlooks is a lifestyle magazine that features articles, interviews and advertisements that addresses the interests of its readership from coast to coast. Over the past six and- half years, our distribution has grown to 40,000 copies at over 630 points in Canada, with a monthly readership of well over 136,000. Outlooks may be fully downloaded from the Internet and our on-line unique "hits" range between 50,000 and 120,000 per month. The gay and lesbian consumer group is a steadily growing and loyal market, in fact according to Marketing Trends "Representing 10% of the total population, the gay buying power represents 30% of the total buying power in any major city." It is also important to note that this market is also extremely brand loyal, "89% of gays and lesbians are highly likely to seek out brands that advertise uniquely to them: the majority are willing to pay a premium for quality products and services" Simmons. Outlooks recognises that as gay and lesbian "families" are becoming legally recognised by their employers and international governments, there will be increased spending on retail products as these new families begin to "set up house" in a more traditional sense. These are some very strong reasons for your company to be aggressive and a leader in reaching out to a still largely undeserved market.

As Canada's only National Gay magazine we offer great rates and are widely recognised. Outlooks Magazine is in the process of having an audit done by the Canadian Circulation Audit Bureau; it will be finished at the end of December which also makes us the only gay publication in Canada that has been fully accredited by the CCAB.

keywords = Gay, Travel, Entertainment, Local, National, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sex, Classifieds, Escort, Phone service

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