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Publication_Name: Options

Company: AJA Publishing Corp.

Name: Wayne Shuster

Title: Publisher

Submiter_email: info@publishingroup.com

Editor_Name: Don Stone

Editor_Email: info@publishingroup.com

Ad_Manager: Wayne Shuster

Ad_Manager_Email: info@publishingroup.com

Address: PO Box 392

City: White Plains

State: NY

Country: USA

zip/postalcode: 10602

phone: 914-949-0250

fax: 914-949-0249

Submission_Email: info@publishingroup.com

www_url: www.youngandtight.com/men

Listing_Type: Gay Male Adult Print Publication

Publication_Frequency: Every Two Months

Format: 5.5 x 8.5

Circulation_Area: International

Paid_Circulation: 25,000

Estimated_Readership: 25,000

Circulation_Audit: Unaudited

Base_DisplayAd_Rate: $75; $495

Color-Availability: Color Covers/Centerspread

classy_online: No_Classifieds_Not_Online

adult_content: Adult Content Accepted

adult_section: No Adult Content Section
MARKET_MISSION: True-life stories of hot man-to-man encounters and lusty lesbian sex, plus hot video reviews, readers letters and more!

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