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Miamigo Magazine

pubname                : Miamigo Magazine
company                : Miamigo Publishing, Inc.
name                   : Michael E. Huter
title                  : Publisher/President
submitemail            : miamigomag@aol.com
editorname             : Steven K. Baird
editoremail            : skbaird@compuserve.com
advertname             : Joseph Konnick
advertemail            : jpkonnick@aol.com
address                : 1234 Washington Avenue
apt                    : Suite 202
city                   : Miami Beach
state                  : FL
zip                    : 33139
phone                  : 305.532.5051
fax                    : 305.532.5498
email                  : miamigomag@aol.com
www                    : miamigo.com
adinfo                 : 
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 8x11
circulationarea        : City
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : 15,000
MARKET : Upscale glossy four color magazine with a high production quality and a strict content policy. No 900's, no sexually explicit or graphically explicit ads or editorial. Solid editorial content, with a strong,loyal readership. Ad/editorial ratio not to exceed 50/50. We represent the other 80% of the gay market. Miami is an affluent gay market, with an educated consumer that is extremely loyal.

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