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Publication_Name: METRA MAGAZINE

Company: METRA INC



Submiter_email: METRAMAG@AOL.COM

Editor_Name: SAME

Editor_Email: SAME

Ad_Manager: SAME

Ad_Manager_Email: SAME

Address: PO BOX 71844


State: MI

zip/postalcode: 48071

phone: 248-543-3500

Submission_Email: METRAMAG@AOL.COM


adinfo_url: http://hometown.aol.com/metramag/myhomepagebusiness.html

Listing_Type: GLBT Print Publication

Publication_Frequency: Every Two Weeks

Format: 5.5 x 8.5

Circulation_Area: Multi-State

Free_Circulation: 20,000

Estimated_Readership: 40,000

Circulation_Audit: Unaudited

Color-Availability: Color Covers/Centerspread

Classified_Ads_Rate: $10 FOR 20 WORDS

classy_online: No_Classifieds_Not_Online

adult_content: Adult Content Accepted

adult_section: No Adult Content Section
MARKET_MISSION: We have been serving the Gay/Lesbian community since 1979. We offer affordable advertising prices for gay and gay friendly establishments throughout the Midwest. Our News, Movies, Friends of Dorothy, Horoscopes, and other Special Interests articles have kept us on top of the Gay/Lesbian publishing business. We consider ourselves an Entertainment Magazine. We publish twice a month, distributing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Windsor Canada.

We are known throughout the Midwest for our famous METRA PICNICS PARTIES. Gathering THOUSANDS of Gay men and women in July for our PRIVATE Picnics. Itís an event Gay Men and Women can be together in a out side picnic setting, and feel good about being gay, or just not think about itÖrelax and have fun! We have always made sure these picnics are well secured to insure everyone complete privacy. The Picnic-Party always has dancing, shows, games ( The now famous Bush Olympics), booths, speakers (occasionally), barbeques, sunbathing, and just about anything you can think of that goes on at any picnic. Except these are the Largest Gay/Lesbian picnics in the Midwest.

We are looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

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