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Lavender Magazine

publication_name = Lavender Magazine
company = Lavender Media Inc
name = Tony Staser
title = Senior Account Executive
submiter_email = tony@lavendermagazine.com
editor_name = Travis Stanton
editor_email = travis@lavendermagazine.com
ad_manager = Barry Leavitt
ad_manager_email = barry@lavendermagazine.com
address = 3715 Chicago Ave S
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = Minneapolis
state = MN
country = USA
zip/postalcode = 
phone = 612-436-4660
fax = 612-436-4685
submission_email = calendar@lavendermagazine.com
www_url = www.lavendermagazine.com
adinfo_url = http://www.lavendermagazine.com/sections/media_kits/lav_media/rates.html
listing_type = GLBT Print Publication
publication_frequency = Every Two Weeks
format = 8x10
circulation_area = Multiple cities in one state
paid_circulation = 100
free_circulation = 25,000
estimated_readership = 75,000
circulation_audit = Audited
demographics = See media kit
base_displayad_rate = See media kit
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = See media kit
yes_classifieds_online = 
no_classifieds_not_online = 
adultcontentaccepted = 
Adult_Content_NOT_Accepted = 
adult_content_in_separate_section = 
No_Adult_Content_Section =
market_mission = Since 1995, Lavender Media has produced quality and informative publications for the Twin Cities area GLBTA community. In doing so, we offer businesses a direct and cost-effective way to market toward the GLBTA community. Our advertising rates are designed to respect you and the important investment you're about to make. Unlike many other publications, we do not inflate our rates to create a perception of savings at another time. Instead, we focus on offering the best rates every day, and trust you'll recognize that our publications and rates offer a better value when compared to other publications.

keywords = Lavender Magazine, Minneapolis, Gay Magazine, Twin Cities Gay publication

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