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Kentucky Word

pubname                : Kentucky's Word
company                : Word Publications
name                   : Ted Fleischaker
title                  : Publisher
submitemail            : indword@iquest.net
editorname             : same
editoremail            : same
advertname             : same
advertemail            : same
address                : 501 Madison Ave.
apt                    : Suite 307
city                   : Indianapolis
state                  : IN
zip                    : 46225
phone                  : 317/725.8840
fax                    : 317/687.8840
email                  : indword@iquest.net
www                    : www.indword.com
adinfo                 : 
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : Tabloid - Small Format
circulationarea        : Regional
PaidCirculation        : 60
FreeCirculation        : 13,940
MARKET                 : see below
COMMENT : The Word is a now 4 state publication serving Indiana, Ohio, Illinoi & Kentucky. Each edition is called that state's name...so we have The Indiana Word, The Ohio Word, The Kentucky Word and The Illinois Word We can either be listed under each state (Illinois is new and thus not listed at all) and Kentucky has the name reversed and spelled wrong. Also, the web site (http://www.indword.com) should be listed for ALL states and the e-mail is also the same.

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